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by on May 15, 2019
Chapter one - Ambassador The big wooden doors of a modern looking room slowly opened. The bright white of the walls couldn’t hide the fact that the embassy was inside an probably thousands of years old castle. A small man wearing a black suit walked in. Abakan knew this guy. Vladimir Stutschkin, the former mayor of Moscow. A guy that was known to play for both sides of the law. It was weird seeing him here and it was even more disturbing for him that from everyone that could have gotten the job...
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by on October 21, 2018
Hey guys. Everdash here. I've decided to start writing a story exclusively for . It's a story about how I came to Canterlot and all my adventures after meeting some cool characters. But I'm looking for OC's that are willing to join me. Thanks goes out to Lavender Wish, who is a good friend and gave me this idea for the story via the role play we're doing together. Hope you get to see this message sweetie. You're the best friend a pony could ever have. :smiley:
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