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by on July 7, 2019
Headcanon 1!
Sirens age slower than ponies and other creatures! Haven't figured out the ratio yet, but they age slower. Cuz like, Hymn is in her 140's so far, and in pony terms she'd probably be around her 20-30's maybe?
Headcanon 2!
Their gems are really sensitive! I've already displayed this headcanon in some of my rps, but if someone touches their gem, they can feel that, even though they really shouldn't. Since you know, its a gem. And well, they really only like to have creatures they trust, like their mates, family members, or really close friends be able to touch them. They're that sensitive.
Moving on to another part of that
Headcanon 3!
Their gems are almost like an exposed heart. Almost like the gems in Steven Universe, of their gems are cracked, or even destroyed, that can kill them. But if someone has like, magical spit or tears like Steven does, then that can probably heal them. But if its destroyed, then there's probably no hope for them, because that's where they get their energy, their life source, where they store their excess energy and stuff like that.
Headcanon 4!
Sirens can control who they affect with their singing. But only the experienced ones, like Hymn and Serenade. Basically the old coots. Symphony can't do it yet because she's too young.
Headcanon 5!
They've been at war multiple times, and, they've more than likely used their songs to win the war, or even make it seem like it never even happened! They've more than likely been at war with the Hippogriffs when they moved into the ocean. Because well... That's they're turf! And yeah.
Headcanon 6!
There are a few pods just, scattered around the oceans, because, why not keep with the ocean theme and use the whale and dolphin pod thing?
Headcanon 7!
There are a few different species of Siren. There are some that are more like sharks, some that are like whales, or dolphins, where they don't have gills. And then there are some that are like mixes of them all.
Headcanon 8!
There are many Sirens who hate/dislike Adagio and the other two (a.k.a The Dazzlings) because they gave the species a bad reputation. And they also don't like the other ones who do what The Dazzlings do.
These are just the ones I can think of right now though.
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Princess Neon Synthwave
This is a good thing to use when making a siren
Its not canon of course because, the only Sirens that I've seen, are literally just the Dazzlings. So there's not much known about them
Princess Neon Synthwave
Dazzlings were meh
Chiller Sway
Did you just say Dazzlings were "Meh"?? They were the best thing in that movie.
Princess Neon Synthwave
That doesn’t take much to be fair
Chiller Sway
I really liked that movie.
Bright Brave
*Hand cannon.