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Female. Lives in  Baltimare,  Equestria.
Pony. Definitely.
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this vessel.... it is weak.........
Cheddar Cheese
You need a new host body?
not yet...
Bright Brave
But friends will lift you up.
so what you're saying is... I should drink more caffeine
Bright Brave
But not TOOO much
Nitroxus Soulspins
Why do you call it weak?
White Toast
Strength is all a matter of perspective. Besides you can always get stronger anyway.
strength is pretty measurable. some forms of it can in fact be increased. others,, not so much.
White Toast
True enough, but just because you have power or strength doesn't make you strong to everyone, just like how someone mentally strong and with strong character isn't strong others. It all depends on who they are and how they look at things no?