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Foxy Kun
"Can I join?!" The little fox grinned. "I'm fluffy!" All hail the Floof.
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
"Of course you can, you silly foxy woxy!" *Pinkie giggled*
Foxy Kun
"Yes! Now my plan for world Domination is a go-- I MEAN.... Uh.... cuddles hugs sparkles??"
Oh gosh!
Starlight Glimmer
Orion Pink
"Can I join?"
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
"Of course you can, silly!"
Starlight Glimmer
Did you make this page?
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Orion Pink
Pink Serendipity
"i should grow out some floof" she said
Crystal Summer
i shall promise to follow the ways of fluff/floof faithfully *holds up her hoof saying this*
Fiery Glow
Praise the floof!
Starlit Spackle
Praise be unto floof.
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