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Politics in a Nutshell
This page will be about and disscusing Politics. Now I will not have anypony disrespect each other here or anywhere! We all have opinions. Be kind if you have debates or just talking about ideas.
Trixie the Scavenger
Pocket Camp
This is the page for sharing friend codes for the animal crossing app Pocket Camp. Please just post a comment with the number its better than screenshooting a pic.
Black Parade
Crystal Summer
Scarlet Gleam
Ponies With Toes and Toe Enthusiasts
This page is for the ponies who have toes, or just the ponies who like to think about how great toes are!    Anastasia Evergreen is the NUMBER ONE toe enthusiast in Equestria. She likes th spread positivity about toes and how they work, as well as teach other ponies about the wonderful world of toes.    (this is also an art request page, THIS IS NOT FOR SEXUAL / FETISH PURPOSES IT IS MEME ART THANK YOU!! if this is against the rules let me kno and i'll delete it)    request rules: usually it'll just be meme art, don't really take this page seriously. to make a request just comment on the page. you can really ask for anything it doesn't have to be specifically toes you just have to identify as a pony with toes if you want to be a part of this really awesome group pls do not pressure or rush me this is A MEME ART PAGE. i do have commissions open if you want serious art just DM me.   page rules: don't be sexual or weird pleeez if you wanna be an admin / artist for this page let me know, luv u xo
Rart Police
Adrian Coalhopper