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Female. Lives in Market Square,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on April 15, 1994
Diamond Dog
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus spun out of the ground and lands besides the diamond dog. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Ametri happily skips into the lounge, taking a seat at the bar, her vest jingling slightly.
Loki’s ears perked up upon hearing the jingling of her vest, his heightened hearing picking up on it before the newcomer and even made her way into the bar. He glanced over his shoulder as she entered, his golden cat-like eyes observing her briefly from where he sat at the bar before he gave her a n...View More
"Hai!" Ametri says, clearly not her usual, timid self. She then looks around. "Does pony know if bartender is in?"
Storm Front
"Probably scared them when I fell through the ceiling or something..." Stormy would shrug a bit heading over and taking a seat next to the dog. " drink or not to drink..."
"Oh! Er- This puts hamper on Ametri's evening." She says, scratching the back of her head nervously. "Ametri got raise and made new friend recently, so... thought tonight could be party night. Ponies always say drinks at bar were good, so..."
Storm Front
"Well I honestly don't remember how I even got here so I wouldn't know. Wouldn't mind finding out either." She'd chuckle a bit there looking around. "Just hope that tile was cheap..."
"It isn't cheap but it isn't expensive either. What were you doing in the ceiling, pray tell?" says a rather harassed looking...something as she exits the office, pulling her shawl about her as she approaches the counter. She looks like a pony, devoid of fluff, and instead has smooth, slipp...View More
Another day at the turnstile as Ametri helps lay and set cobblestone to refit parts of the town square that had been eaten away by hooves breaking them and pushing them further into the ground. She is...View More
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There is a plop nearby as a dog hops off the wagon she had hitched a ride on, gasping as she sights another dog friend. Look at those EARS? LOOK AT THEM. She loves them, they look rather well taken care of...she can't help but wave a hello at the worker. "Herroooo friend! Are you stealing the road??...View More
Ametri fumbles a bit of shale cobble in her claws as she starts from being called out to. She looks over at the approaching bigger diamond dog and shrinks back a little.... well she hasn't tried to throw a rock at her or anything so.... "Errrrm... No? Ametri is taking job laying new stone. Uneven, ...View More
"Oh! You're putting DOWN road that makes much more sense!" she says as she squats down beside the friend. "I'm Ruby, what's your name! You're the first friend I've seen since....Dodge junction, I think?" she sounds very well spoken for a diamond doge, despite her gruff voice.
"Ametri's name is Ametri." she gives a small smile and a wave and rubs the back of her head in thought. "Err.... Not heard of place called doge junk shun... It is place full of clean, fancy diamond dogs?" She asks nervously.
"Nope, it's a place full of ponies that say YA'LL too much!" she says with a cackle. "Yalln't nothin' if ya ask me." she shrugs. "This place seems pretty nice though...."
This puts the mental image of Dodge Juntction as being full of angry, bullying diamond dogs alot larger than her out of Ametri's mind and replaces it with a bunch of orange and yellow ponies in it wearing cowpony hats and big ribbons, waving at each other and saying 'howdy!' This thought is a lot n...View More
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