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Prince Artemis
December 6, 2018
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No such thing all failure. This'll just show what you know or if you're really good at guessing~
If all mares are Dears and all stallions are Good Bois, who does the Prince refer to as Precious?
If you were to consider that the Prince had been alive for over a thousand years, how many love interests has he had?
Is the Prince attractive compared to most royalty?
Things that don't concern the Prince or he finds rather uninteresting is considered?
In the universe that Artemis is in, What stands out when it comes to his Lunars?
Can you guess what title the Prince prefers to be addressed as?
What universe does the Prince take place in?
Is the Prince pure?
The Princes favorite number?
Considering that the Prince has been alive for over a thousand years, does he have children?
Ambient Waves
D: apparently if you meme him, you fail
Prince Artemis
There is no failing. Just mainly guessing and added education!
Ambient Waves
I mean lol wut
Prince Artemis
*Talks into secret radio* She knows too much!..
Ambient Waves
Prince Artemis
You heard nothing!
Floral Print
"Oh gosh, I got the kid question correct. You sly boy~"
Prince Artemis
"Over a thousand years ago my dear. Ain't so sly anymore~"
Floral Print
"Hmmm..." She gave the prince a quick up down look "I don't know~ You still seem like a pretty sly boy."
Prince Artemis
"I'm more down to earth and stable now. Can't be doing things of rather stupid nature like I use to." He chuckled.
Lesa Castle
"I suck at these things it seems." She said as she pulled out a bottle of whiskey that her brother got gotten her.
Prince Artemis
"There is no failing love~ Also what's with the whiskey? You know what happened last time. Please don't drink so late~"
Ambient Waves
Abby would approve of this method.
Prince Artemis
"Ambi...don't encourage her. My mare can't handle the alcoholic drinks sometimes." He whispered to warn her.
Lesa Castle
"Of course, I do remember what happened last time." She paused for a brief moment. You know I like to give it my all sweetie, and to be honest, I know there is no failing in this, but that was my worst yet..." She sighed softly.
Prince Artemis
"Can't be the worse if you are unable to fail. Logic~" He grinned. "Would a hug make you feel better?~" He opened his wings.
Pink Serendipity
"50% not bad, didn't quite pass but didn't quite fail" she nodded with self approval
Prince Artemis
"More like didn't fail at all since there is no failing."
Commander Wyatt Ryder
"30%... Bollocks." Cursed Wyatt, shaking his head
Prince Artemis
"Well at least you learned some things "
Stardusk Strider
I chose choice number C on all of them and got the victory Royale.
Prince Artemis
10/10 strategy
Aurelie Sweet
Ahhh I did so bad on this one 😂
Rose Budd
You did well Sweet I like your answers
Aurelie Sweet
Well thank you Ma'am