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(Future King) Artemis
March 17, 2019
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Can we be actual pals? We'll see!
Preferred Ice Cream?
Preferred Animal Attractions to visit?
Best Amusement park
Guilty Pleasure eating establishments for when you are having a bad day
How do you pronounce it?
Gorgeous dog breed
Best Animated movie out of the options given?
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Lyon Strider
In my defense I've never been to any of those amusement parks before xD
(Future King) Artemis
I recommend all except one, since I haven't been to one out of the rest.
Dragon Breath
Okay so I have never been to any of those theme parks and.... I have never been to any zoos TwT
Dragon Breath
Also a lot of these were hard for me cuz... I have no favorites...!? Like no joke. I love everything... I'm an indesicive beach
(Future King) Artemis
The zoo one is more of a joke and means nothing unless you were born in the same state I was xD. Really though, haven't been to any of those amusement parks? Well at least you got good animated movie taste!
Dragon Breath
Also.. never been to any of those restaurants and I like all dogs sooo…….I SAY IT IS RIGGED!!
Cally Ber
You have shit taste :V
(Future King) Artemis
I got great animated movie taste. c:
(Future King) Artemis
Also to clarify, your ice cream choice would have been right if I wasn't allergic to it xD
Pink Serendipity
OUCH, only 13% ;-;
(Future King) Artemis
Pink Serendipity
*sniff sniff*
Okay first off, butter pecan? Nasty, I already have more nuts in my than I'd like as a trans person -dabs- Second I know we joke about Waffle House but real talk I'll stop and get myself a frisco melt and chili fries on a bad day, I usually have coupons and it makes me feel better <3 Third Fox and ...View More
(Future King) Artemis
First off: I can't have mint chip due to an allergic reaction, so butter pecan is next best thing for me. Second: Yes we joke on waffle house, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure. I break under the pressure to eat at that establishment even though there are better choices. Third: Fox and The Hou...View More
TRUE I need to send pics of my Doxy babs to crinkle your heart, your dog is a good and I adore him! Also ice cream noted, if we ever go out I'll make sure not to get it, although my favorite is really chocolate chip cookie dough <3
(Future King) Artemis
Okay legit question that will decide the friendship. When you go to your local steak n shake and acquire a nice steak burger? Do you ask for a fried egg on top of it?
I-I literally never get anything but the Friso melt Arty don't judge me ; A ; The bread is the quality of griddle-toasted toast, greasy enough to slick the fingers, and the meat is nice and thin and melts in your mouth, accompained by the tang of the sauce...I fall in love again every time I have ...View More
(Future King) Artemis
Next time you go. Texas BBQ steak burger, makes sure you have toppings you want, whether it be tomato and onions or just onions. Doesn't matter. Ask for them to put an egg on it. Clarify that you want the egg over the BBQ sauce. You won't believe the magic one simple egg creates.
but anime :''''(
Rainbow Chaser
Rainbow Chaser
rocky road all the way tho
Rainbow Chaser
and i've never been to either disney world or land
Rose Budd
Prince Hawk Zephyrus
25% I guess not, at least Rottweiler is in common.
Rover Wonder
Lol, well, part f the fun in friendship is sharing different tastes~ ;3 (Or else I just suck x) )