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Available Maids
-Lavi [Top Maid]
-Maid Name [Rank]
Welcome to Sparkling Maid Services!
We provide only the top cleaning and house keeping service in Equestria!
Our services include House cleaning, house watch, emergency clean-ups and, we can even provide a personal maid! All we ask after is that you leave a review of your maid's performance. Our maids can do it all, we'll clean and cook while you relax and enjoy!
Why worry about the house when you can be taking care of other things?
So come on in, and we'll take care of the rest!
Interested in becoming one of our top preforming maids?
Please, send in the application below!
Notable skills:
Why should we hire you:
Have you ever had any experience in being a maid:
Would you consider being a personal maid? ( This is a preference, you can refuse and still get the job. )
Would you be okay in taking part of our problem solving program? (make sure to read below )
You will be trained in self defense if you do not already have proper training.
Your assessment will be your first client's review!
...Looking for our... 'other service'?
Well say no more. When you request a service, just mention 'special service', and we'll send our 'special maids'. That's right, you know what Im talking about. You want our...
Problem solving service!
Yup! We solve problems too! Us maids aren't only skilled in the art of cleaning and cooking, we are masters of disguise and self defense! If you need an odd job, we're on it.
Not sure what to get your special some pony on hearts and hooves day?Say no more, we'll help you!
Need us to settle a friend dispute? We'll try our best to settle your friendship issue!
Although they cost a bit more, jobs like that are our specialty! Name a job and we'll tell you if we can do it!
Hope to see you soon! -Lavi