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The Lavender Bar is a cozy two story building near the outskirts of Ponyvile. Currently ran by both Kameda and Trent Mizuki, in addion to drinks the upper floor contains a number of guest rooms that can be rented out. There is a small zen garden at the back of the building. The interior of the bar resembles that of a Japanese style home, the rooms upstairs also sharing this design. Hours of operation: 9am to 2am with Last Call at 1:30am. Signature Cocktails: (Will be added soon!) Food Menu: (Will be added soon!) Rules of the Bar: 1) Don't be a dick. 2) The wine cellar is off limits for a reason. 3) Kameda is always right. 4) In the event Kameda is wrong, refer to rule 3. 5) Destruction of bar property is frowned upon.
Trent Mizuki
Miguel CatFoxLycan
Starmare Cafe
Hello! Welcome to Starmare Coffee! We cater to everycreature's desires for the perfect cup of steamy deliciousness. Just walk right up to the counter, place your order, and enjoy! We offer a wide range of brews, creamers, sugars, and toppings if you like something more than the traditional goodness that is coffee. Please check the FRIENDSHIP LETTERS to find our menu. Enjoy~! DISCLAIMER: Some orders may take a little bit to reach you.
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Apex Mist
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Berry's Smoothies
The smoothie shop rests on the end of a strip mall in the bustling city of Manehattan. It provides a cozy, vintage-style atmosphere, complete with a smoothie bar, booths, and a pair of outdoor tables. A single mare works her hooves to the bone in there, humming to the tune of whatever plays on the jukebox. --I don't expect much out of this, but this is here for anyone who wants to join in! No post will go ignored!-- ~Menu~ Basic smoothies: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, banana, honey, cantaloupe, watermelon. Two bits. Combo smoothies: Mix and match your fruit! Three bits. Specialty smoothie: Strawberry Apathy (Strawberry smoothie with pineapple juice, coconut milk, mango juice, and topped with a strawberry.) Served in an adorable, specialty cup. Four bits. Food: Pasta salad. Three bits. Salad. Comes with your choice of dressing. Two bits. Pre-packaged vegetable tray. Two bits. Pre-packaged fruit cup. Two bits.
The Canterlot Avenue Times
The Manehatten Daily Newespaper for all your needs. Have a story? Send us a letter we’ll get right on it. Have something you want published tell us, we’re run by equestria for all of equestria. Have any questions ask our canterlot reporter S. Anonymous.
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Canterlot High AU
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This is where anyone that fell for the MLP EG movie can come and express their characters as a EG teen in high school! There will be rules and you can apply/introduce yourself here! Rules: * No bullying (unless it is in an RP) * Chats can be moderated Introduction Ref Sheet (You can Copy and Paste it): Name: Age: Gender: Class Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior): Fav Class: What do you wish to learn at Canterlot High?: