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Cally Ber
Celtic Cross
Canterlot High AU
6 likes Education
This is where anyone that fell for the MLP EG movie can come and express their characters as a EG teen in high school! There will be rules and you can apply/introduce yourself here! Rules: * No bullying (unless it is in an RP) * Chats can be moderated Introduction Ref Sheet (You can Copy and Paste it): Name: Age: Gender: Class Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior): Fav Class: What do you wish to learn at Canterlot High?:
Cinder TheDragon (Card)
Demonic H. Hooves
Castle of Spectrums
This castle was once his home. Then it was destroyed with his home world. Dark Kronos Spectrum brought this castle back from his home world and rebuilt it in Equs. This castle is located in the White Tail Woods though it does move around. Every now and then the castle uses a life orb to travel from one place to another. This life orb is the last life orb of Dark's home world. Dark was able to save it and now he keeps it safe and uses it for his castle. The castle is about the same size as the Canterlot castle when looking at it from the outside. On the inside it is much bigger than the Canterlot castle, this is due to the fact that when Dark rebuilt this castle he built the majority of it 732 feet underground. Dark rebuilt this castle using Dwarfstar Ore. The Castle of Spectrums is currently located in the White Tail Woods and will remain there until it decides to move itself.
Dark (Kronos) Spectrum
Demonic H. Hooves
rart's art
h-hewwo my name is rart police and i am the embodiment of mental police brutality please appreciate my art (i take commissions, trades, collabs, and sometimes requests when i'm really feelin it) (normal art: pixel icons are $1
Acry Weaver
Adrian Coalhopper
Alexander Kingston
Sugar's Morning Cup
Greetings, everypony! Welcome to Sugar's Morning Cup! I'm Sugar Morning, just a regular pegasi from Ponyville. I love great photography and culinary, and this page is dedicated for that. All of the pics here mostly aren't mine, unless stated. Enjor your stay! :)
Sugar Morning
Temple of Sin
This is a lost and forbidden temple. It used to be the hideout of the original seven sins/reapers until they died. It became lost and hidden when they died. That was until their reincarnations found it eons ago. They all died years afterwards and now only one remains. That is Dark Spectrum, also known as Wrath. This temple is now underground where it will stay for eternity. The temple is rather big and functions kinda like a castle except it twists and turns like a maze but you won't notice it at all. There is a huge black crystal in the dead center of the temple floating above a platform surrounded by seven thrones. This is more or less the throne room. Each throne has a different colored crystal that represents it's sin. The throne with the red crystal is Wrath's. This is where Dark sits. The temple is kinda in rubble and the rooms are all kinda worn down but still he is here. And he waits for the day when the other sins pick another reincarnation.
Cherri Pai
Cloud Dreamer
Roseluck's Little Flower Shop!
A small flower shop! Where ponies in Ponyville come together! Only on Canterlot Avenue! :D Cover: Page image: Located in front of a small alcove between her home and her friends' homes, Lily and Daisy, she runs this humble little establishment that the three friends created together, with tender loving care. Just recently, Roseluck had been the one to get the majority of the word out, thanks to her passion: that light botany and expert floral landscaping is something that everyone can do. She made a bit of an impact on a few ponies, and that got her thinking that, with the spike in business she'd gotten since moving to Ponyville, she should actually make a real business out of growing flowers and selling them to ponies! But that would come later, if this prerequisite proves successful — for now, this little flower stand will have to do. She still kept it relatively simple, but she hoped that with this new area of town, she could attract more customers or even passersby to befriend. Golly, did she love all the new friends she was making... It's a simple establishment for now, but she's got the biggest of dreams in her head, and in her heart.
Dancing dynamite
Ponyville Scullery's Maid Cafe
Hello and welcome, masters, to Ponyville's newly opened Maid Cafe! Inside, we've got a team of highly trained chefs and a singular maid to make your cafe experience unlike any other you've ever had! Stop on by for any assortment of desserts, meals, or exquisite beverages and relax in our totally feng shui dining area, our chic and hip upper floor overlooking the marketplace, or our rustic outdoor pavilion. Our pavilion is perfect for those awkward first dates, with easy access to jumping over the railing and running away to leave that poor pony behind holding the check. We'd love to see you here!~ While dining at the Ponyville Scullery's Maid Cafe, please tag us if you need any assistance and our lovely maid will do their best to assist you. They've been rather busy lately, but will try to come trotting by if they hear you call! Ponies banned from the premises include: Closetbrony16 for attempted theft and assault. (
Acry Weaver
All About Drizzy