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Jade courage
i am totally a villain i am not here because i want to get a date with a villainess to corrupt me with honeyed words...thats totally absurd
Demonic H Hooves
Demonic pushed open the door and walking in smoking his cigarillo "Okay you two bit wanna be killers. Shut up and look at me for a moment!" he said in a brash and rude tone "For the way I see it, we a...View More
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Chow Chow
"You cant stop them. I can~"
Shin Godzilla
" equestria will suffer for what they did . Just like I made celestia suffer all those years "
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Shin Godzilla
" so all of you are enemies to equestria "
dio brando
dio sit near a phone while reading a book.
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Hello other villains how do you do?
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Villains of Equestria
updated their profile photo.
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