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Male. Lives in Manehattan,  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on May 19, 2003
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IDK on what universes there are
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Astro Blitz
*Nitroxus did some cartwheels over to the pony. Once he stopped, he smiled. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Anyone every just feel like this all the time?
Bright Brave
Smiley face? Yeah.
Dream Vezpyre
Yes then I instantaneously fall into the best nap of all time.
Vy Thresh
Only in Seattle
They don't call it Rain City for nothing.
*Crim sitting on a bench under a park thinking to himself. As you pass by, he asks you* I think I should open up a shop, what do you think?
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"Depends on what you plan on selling. Some things have worse value than others in the marketplace."
Well since I plan to sell high vaule good, relics, and artifacts, I should be good, right?
He shook his head. "High value items like that require high value buyers, ponies who can actually afford such luxury items. A shop would target middle class individuals, folks that cant afford your goods. It would be best to sell them individually to individual buyers. A shop would only cause you y...View More
Well, you make a good point. I guess I would be screwed if I tried opening a shop. Thanks for the second opinion.
"Glad to be of assistance."
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I honestly can't get enough of this song. I don't know why, bit I connect to it on a deep level. ( Warning, if you chose to watch this music video, there will be swearing.) Song: Addict Artist: Silv...View More
Bright Brave
Rip and tear. Until it is done....
Smoke (Obsilion)
Yo i have been listening to this ALL DAY
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What would you do if you were in this situation?
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Commander Wyatt Ryder
"Well hello cuties"
Pinke Pie
Corona Lionheart IV
I'd cry
Deactive user
Bright Brave
Beat me to it
Bright Brave
I'd never be that situation. But I am prepared at all times to kill all the stinky batts
Feesh would be pleased, and would happily share her fruit with the hungry bats
Carmine Gumshoe
prepare to chow down on pony stew if they touch my damn food i don’t care how cute you are. touch my food, become my food.
For anyone who is bored at home and wanting to do an RP, I just might have the solution. If you click on the following link you'll enter an adventure like no other on this site. Join of you dare, - Cr...View More
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