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Holidays are soo busy for Cloud Ponies always want portraits and other themed work done and while Cloud loves his work and making others smile with it he may be overdoing it a little.
*CloudDasher decided that this year’s Nightmare Night was going to be different, And so with almost zero notice cloud made up the spookiest costume he could make with what he had splashing deep red pa...View More
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I finally got around to trying to teach myself how to animate my art and this is my first try. (I would love to hear feedback or tips if anyone has any)
(Might have to click into the post to get the GIF to play idk why it doesn't on the wall)
You're on the right track. Get an animation program and place the scanned prints or photos on those if you can. Or just draw on the program. Toonboom and adobe animate are cool.
Ink Dreamer
((I can highly reccomend adobe animate as a good tool to start out. It's very simple frame by frame. I used it in middle school before I could afford to get clipstudio ex))
I'm currently learning adobe animate in school. I can confirm that it's a good tool for starting.
You should actually maybe try out a animated post for your inktober thing ! ^^
I would love to start out in some of these good programs but the montly fee is a huge setback for me.
Looks pretty good to me
[ p i n k a m e n a ]
Yep! Great start! Although, I wouldn’t recommend animating on paper first, try a thing called tweening on a program!
oh thank you for the advice i didnt even know that tweening was a thing
Lucid Melody
Another nice program is Fire Alpaca, used it for my first animation!
If you don't have a tablet, you can just scan those drawing and use some animation program. Easier to edit and control frames.
been trying to save for a tablet but sadly noone is hiring so sadly not much i can do but i do agree i should be using a dedicated animation program if i can find a decent free one
Try krita, it's not that good buy it's Decent
I sit here behind my screen for weeks at a time not really going anywhere or doing anything just RP and art thinking as I RP that I've made CloudDasher more different from me than I originally had in ...View More
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This extrovert is about to adopt an introvert.
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Here you go buddy, I'm so glad that you entered my contest. I do wish to rp with you more so I can understand more of your OC's lore. It seem interesting to me. As well, I do love that super cool mane...View More
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I can’t say how happy I was to wake up and see this waiting for me out such a smile on my face. I would love to get some more RP’s too I love the idea of exploring more of Cloud’s lore. Also it really makes me smile knowing you like his look.
Nitroxus Soulspins
I happy that you loved it. That's all that I try to do. I'm glad that you want explore your OC's lore. I only hope that I can help in some small way.
Uh oh looks like you broke Cloud's Glasses and it doesn't look like he is going to let it go this time. //Wanted to get another full body to practice poses and expressions and I think its looking alr...View More
Pan quickly covers her eyes and whimpers, she didn’t notice that she stepped on it. She was playing with a ball! / looks good
*Cloud looks angerly down at Pandora for a moment before taking a deep breath Thinking about all the past cuddles and hugs with Pandora and after a minute or two and a large sigh cloud spoke* Are you ok did you get any glass in your pawpads?
Crystal Sneer
Amazing as always)))
Eeeee! Thank you!
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