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King Artemis

Male. Lives in Canterlot Castle,  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on April 13, 1992
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King Artemis
Y'know something that bugs me about having an Alicorn OC, and yes this is late night opinions no one will see, is that it can be rather difficult to range how poweful or not powerful said OC is. Now... View More
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You can do a DC and giga-nerf him out of the blue for plot reasons a la Superman. Or you can make him look below, at the common hoers. What do they have that he doesn't? Will he try and take it by force, or some other things brain cannot think of roght now. Big man vying for sime thing. That thing. ... View More
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My character Silverspark is a little alicorn who has a lot to learn as one what it really means to be an alicorn other then just being royalty while she is still a kid and no pony to guide her she is right now causing micheif but also not good at controling her abilities
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
My guy is pretty powerful, but he isn't op-levels powerful. He used to be though, but I've tinkered and tweaked him to make him not be op. He has his friends, and the bond between his friends is what helps him survive. (Yeah yeah, friends are my power cliche, SUE ME.) Take the Perfect Adventure mini... View More
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So he has his own version of friendship is magic
Like March 19, 2023
I constantly Go through this with Ghost/Angel, Having to make sure He IS powerful so He can keep up against other's but not TOO powerful that It would be Unrealistic and Op since He's still a Bunneh inside, One that is still to this day new to the Magic/Spiritual Magik system He has. ^^;
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