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Happy birthday!!
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Scarlet Gleam
Question: What do you do when you run out of doritos?
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Eat toast
Scarlet Gleam
If we put Cheese flavouring on the toast...does that make it a bread dorito?
Zerathur A. Naszberuk
Cease to exist.
Scarlet Gleam
.......bleh death
Zerathur A. Naszberuk
Not entirely, because the moment more Doritos manifest themselves, I waddle back into existence, and the cycle is then repeated.
Scarlet Gleam
Somepony better get us more doritos quickly, so we can both live again. I will promise to share the doritos this time. If you want to!!
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
buy more or eat cheetos
Scarlet Gleam
Thanks actually a good idea. I never actually had Cheetos though...but I have had similar off brand Australian copies.
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
o: honestly if i ever run out of a certain kind of chip i just so happen to find the next best kind around the if theres no doritos i'll either eat cheetos or BBQ potato chips
Scarlet Gleam
You seem very organised. Got yourself prepared for any chip-related or snack related emergency!
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
y e s- uwu
Scarlet Gleam
Scarlet was bored as hell. She was not used to being stuck inside for so dam long. Trying something new had many failed attempts. Almost burning poor Stanley down 3 times, her failed sweaters that she...View More
Bright Brave
"ONLY BORING PONIES ARE BORED!" The war horse shouted from her roof as he provided overwatch.
Scarlet Gleam
Scarlet looked up. "I AM NOT BORING THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" She yelled back because she was annoyed and so he was able to hear her.
The Ghostling would suddenly appear behind her jumping onto the pony to cure her boredom!
Scarlet Gleam
Scarlet turned around. "You almost gave me a heart attack!!" She smiled. "I'm Scarlet, it's nice to meet you!"
The ghostling would had been wearing a Xenomorph costume while looking at her "Uh....I think you're susposed to be on the ground..?"
Scarlet Gleam
Scarlet got really excited When she looked at the costume. "I watched that Movie!!!" She realized she was flying a little. "Oops sorry."
"You know...You kinda remind me of a pony that's also has a yellow coat...and a pegasus, But can't really tell if you have pink or red hair," He Said before bapping their nose while placing a poison joke on their head.
Scarlet Gleam
"Oh do you mean the one and only..Fluttershy!" Scarlet beamed. "I have been told that before. But my mane is red."
Beau Sneer
Is this n e c r o p o s t i n g i see?
Scarlet Gleam
Pretty Much. Or Maybe I came back from the dead....OOoooo
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