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Princess Unikitty

Female. Lives in Unikingdom,  Beyond Equestria. Born on February 7, 1994
Kitty-Unicorn hybrid
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Princess Unikitty
I heard people jokingly call this site pony Facebook, but I started using LinkedIn and felt their UI felt a little too familiar...
Princess Unikitty
>Doesn't post for two years >Compares this site to LinkedIn >Refuses to elaborate >Leaves
Canterlot Ave is a great place to make business connections for a lot of people. Welcome back buddy!
Princess Unikitty
Please help I've been forced to write Azur Lane fan fiction by my captors for the last two years and if they find out I'm-- *turns around after hearing footsteps* ...Uhhh, gotta run. Talk to you later amigo! Go Ducks!
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus slid down a rope from his hot air balloon. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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velvet estelle blood velvet (smol ling filly}
**gently walks up to the kitty and hoops her** hiya!
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velvet estelle blood velvet (smol ling filly}
may i have your discord tag?
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velvet estelle blood velvet (smol ling filly}
Buttershy /hipp cool hipster/#4083
Princess Unikitty
Unikitty comes back from hiatus just because she came up with a new joke and was surprised she couldn't find anyone else who made the same joke anywhere on the internet, so she felt the need to share ...View More
Princess Unikitty
//Hi. I'm probably going to be leaving the site. If not leave, then just not be active for a very long time (again). If you want to keep in contact with me, shoot me a message with your Discord tag an...View More
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Bright Brave
;3; Bright Brave # 3632
Dank Pony Child
I barely know you, but cool. YOUR-DAIRY-KING#0184.
Chiller Sway
Hecking sad
Bright Honor
Princess Unikitty
Remember: -Good judgment comes from experience. -Experience comes from failure. -Failure comes from bad judgement.
A gem can't be polished without friction, nor a man be perfected without trials
A man in shining armor has not had his mettle tested.
Vy Thresh
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