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Chiller Sway
by on August 15, 2019
So this is the stowy of how Demonyic Houvs and Swowy Maush feww in wuv!
Daww, dis stowy tuk puace in a wocal cawffee shopp wiphin PonEvile!~ Dat swilly edgy Demmy Whoovsies wuz sitting awl awone... It waws pho sad! :'( :sob::sob::crying_cat_face: But wuikily Smowy Mawsh did ceed the sad edgie wed pownie and wawnted to do somephing abwout it. :scream::sunglasses::fire:
"Hewwo", she say ver nicewy. But Demwonic ackted wike "HUMPH" and wooked away (・`ω´・) Bu Swow wnew Dwemmy weawy wanted a frien! :D Se taked a seat nepht to him an gived him a gweat sawft kwiss on the cheek! :D :D :kissing_closed_eyes: Ad den she say "I wuv u Demonyic Hyooves! UwU" And den Dwem was awll happy, and he wooked at hewr and say "UwU" aph well! He stwok her head and awll of his dawk emoness did dissappeaw! :heartbeat::dancer: (:point_left:dat is whawt his hart feewl wike!!!)
Demmy-Dem offer hewr a dwinkie of his weftover caffiee and Swow dwank it! shwe woved it!!! And den dey odewr moaw! :sparkles::boom::open_hands::heart_eyes_cat:
"Phank u!" Snowwy say
"It's becawse I wuv u, uwu." He repwied :smiley:
The two have so mush coughee and becawse of that Snowy got Pregurnant! :revolving_hearts: It was so hot to, wike nyot has hot as the sun, but wike mowe hot then the stuv. ;P And they pwessed wips togever and boph were so happy!
Dey watewr got mawwied de next day and waised four foaws owver 25 yeawes: Sally, Benjamin, Sarah, Luthor, Uurvis, Liptopa, Yurku, and Fila! :3
Demonic H. Hooves
it's like you found my dumpster fire, and decided it wasn't bad enough so you threw a even bigger dumpster fire with homeless people in it well done! i feel proud to be outdone like this
Chiller Sway
I thank you for the high praise! :D ;) I wuv u This will show up in random blogs forever! <3
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
I think I just developed terminal cancer from reading this
Cynbel Ferode
i taste blood in my mouth i’m so angry that i can read this with little-to-no problem
Chiller Sway
:o That's no problem, Cynbel.
Cynbel Ferode