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Zerathur "Grey" Naszberuk
by on May 20, 2020
A warm breeze rolled down the golden dunes of Old Antioch, dragging along the salty ocean air and the sound of waves from beyond. Zerathur slowed to a halt and raised one of the front legs, covering the eyes just in time to protect them from a waft of sand that followed the breeze. "Windy! the perfect weather for some good waves. The sun is quite warm today though, isn't it?" A moment of silence followed, but it wouldn't last long. "Oh, no joke, Sherlock!" Mel burst into laughter somewhere behind Zera, slowing her trot as well. "The sun is warm and the water is wet, four-eyes! By Khas, if Ma was here she'd disinherit you without a second thought." Finally spoke the grey coated stallion, turning around to look at the group and... Yeah, what a bunch of white-coated weirdoes.
The closest to him was Mel, a young but fairly tall mare with a vibrant red mane and a mischievous smile. Missing one of the lower incisor teeth though, thanks to Milla, the brown-maned mare that followed closely behind. Newt wasn't far either, the slim screen he had for a face glistening under the sunlight while metallic laughter left the two small speakers under where the jaw should go. Good thing he was covered in clothes, the area where the metal fuses with flesh was never really pretty to look at. "Shut up, Bleeder! Or I'll tell Pa that you're missing school again." Came Salazar's reply, who was at the back of the group dragging two longboards along. He used his energies to pull the light blue mane over the temples, but little did it help in hiding the two beady eyes that protruded from there.
"I graduated three weeks ago." Zera poked the tongue out at his older sibling and quickly ducked out the way from the chunk of paraffin that came flying at him in response. "Four eyes and you still can't aim!" He turned around and darted up the dune, laughing like a maniac, only stopping upon reaching the very top. The two softly glowing eyes looked down upon the shores and the blue infinity beyond it, focusing briefly on the darkened silhouettes floating down the waves in swift but gracious movements. "Hey, looks like Geld and Smolensk beat us to it! They look like rocks trying to swim upstream, such lack of grace! Come on, guys, we gotta show 'em how it's done." The grey coated stallion turned back and...
Cold. Zerathur pulled the greatcoat closer and curled up while the heavy wind tormented his side. The dull blue eyes opened and focused on the sand beneath him. It wasn't golden, it was grey and lifeless. The same could be said about the sea before him. "Daydreaming again, my dear?" Whispered a soft voice in the back of his head, the metallic flower that was wrapped on his ponytail slithering upwards and curling up around his ear. He didn't respond. Instead, the protoss just drew a couple of lines in the damp sand, bled off some of his energies, and warped away in a twist of blue flames.
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