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Asuka Yakushi
by on July 15, 2020
//With special guest appearance by Carmine Gumshoe. (I made sure to get permission before adding him to the post.)
If there was one thing Betty Yakushi disliked about the Ponyville Courthouse it was that they always seemed to keep the courtrooms below freezing temperatures. Sure it was better than being left in sweltering heat, but how were you supposed to present evidence, and give statements while your teeth chattered constantly? Despite her dress coat, and long dress the cold still managed to get to her.
Sitting next to Betty is a young stallion in a borrowed suit with a set of bandages, and gauze covering the left side of his face. In front of her sits her briefcase filled with all the necessary evidence, and paperwork. to her right, across the aisle sits another attorney, and two older stallions wearing immaculate suits. Behind her in the gallery sits a family of three. A stallion, mare, and their teenage daughter. There are others seated in the gallery. Many of which are sitting behind Betty, and her client. The jury box however, is empty.
Betty Yakushi is not a criminal defense lawyer. She's a civil case lawyer. Specifically, the firm she heads focuses on workplace injuries, and helping the injured to gain compensation for their injuries. Hence why there is no jury for this trial.
The tension of the moment is broken as the bailiff speaks. "All rise. The Honorable Judge Garreth now presiding." Everyone in the room stands as a man wearing formal wear enters the room, and takes his place at the bench. "You may be seated." The room sits, and the judge begins to speak again. "Good morning everyone. Let's try to make this one quick so we can all get out in time for lunch hm?" The judge gives the room a smile before looking down at his desk. "Now then. This is civil case number 3167, Employees v Hayfun Food Company. The employees of Hayfun Food Company in Ponyville claim owner negligence is responsible for the injury of 3 employees." The judge pauses to allow the court reporter some time to type. "Is the plaintiff ready to proceed?" Betty stands for a moment to respond. "Yes, your honor." The judge's focus then turns to the other table. "Is the defense ready to proceed?" To which the other attorney stands to state "Yes, your honor." before sitting back down.
The opening statements are simple. Betty's clients are seeking payment for damages they sustained from a workplace injury. How were they injured? An accidental chemical spill affected 3 employees, and they were unable to reach any sort of wash stations before sustaining significant injuries. The defense claims that the injuries were because of mishandling on the part of the employees. Both sides take turns providing evidence. Betty provides documents from the Workplace Health and Safety organization from 2 months ago with a statement from an inspector which read "The lack of proper wash stations, and protective equipment for employees dealing with harmful chemicals is unacceptable, and must be relieved." followed by a warning that the plant would be shut down if these issues were not fixed. The defense presents evidence that wash stations had been planned to be implemented, and were in the process of being added. The evidence continues for around two hours before the first witness is brought in.
The defense had hired a private detective to investigate the plant, and de-confirm the report by the WHaS inspector. After being sworn in by the court clerk the defense attorney begins to speak. "Please state your name, and occupation for the reporter." The stallion speaks while looking directly forwards. "Carmine Gumshoe. Private detective." The attorney then speaks again. "Could you please tell the court as to why you were hired by the Hayfun Food Company?"
"I was hired to inspect the plant, and confirm that the plant complied with health, and safety standards."
"And your report says that there were wash stations within at least 50 feet of where the injuries occurred correct?"
The private detective begins to sweat profusely. Betty had never seen anyone sweat this much during a trial.
The detective shuts his eyes tight for a moment. His hoof retracts to his side.
"OBJECTION!" The detective flings his hoof out from his side, pointing at the two stallions sitting at the defense table. "I was sworn to tell the truth! So I will! The plant did not comply with safety standards, and the plans to implement more wash stations were a hoax! They just put drawings on papers for the trial! They tried to bribe me to win the trial!"
Everyone in the courtroom let out a collective, silent gasp. The defense attorney's face turned white. He hadn't expected this. Neither had Betty. The judge smacks his gavel. "Mister Gumshoe! Please refrain from such outbursts in the courtroom." The detective seemed to be unable to control himself. "I'm sorry sir, but I can't let this injustice go unnoticed! The court needed to know!" To which the judge speaks again. "Bailiff, please escort Mister Gumshoe out of the courtroom." The bailiff quickly grabs hold of Carmine, and begins to drag him through the gallery while he thrashes violently, screaming for justice.
"Mister Adall. You do understand that if what Mister Gumshoe has said is true, you could face significant criminal charges?" The judge was none to happy.
Carmine's voice screeches from the back of the courtroom as the doors open. "I HAVE PROOF!"
Once Carmine had been removed from the courthouse entirely the bailiff returns, and the trial resumes. Well, all five minutes of what remained. With the fiery testimony from Carmine the judge seemed to have already made up his mind.
"In the case of Employees v Hayfun Food Company, the court rules in favor of the plaintiff. Mr. Adall, not only will you pay each employee for damages, but you will also pay each employee for missed wages, hospital bills, and legal fees."
Betty can hear her client heave a sigh of relief. She looks back behind her to find the family in a hug. These were the kinds of moments that made her job worth it.
Once the courtroom had cleared Betty stands with her client, and his family in the lobby. They thank her profusely for her help. Even if she wasn't the reason they won the case.
When all was said and done Betty returns to her firm to file some paperwork before heading home to spend the rest of her night with her husband. She couldn't wait to tell him about what happened today.
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Carmine Gumshoe
thanks for including my boy! this was an interesting read, and i’m glad my boy’s getting thrown out of a coutroom as he should
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