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by on October 21, 2023
12 PM, Ponyville District Court. Three figures enter Courtroom 3, and walk up the gallery. One opens a swinging door leading into the well, and another leads the second figure to a table on the left. The three sit down at the table, as another group of 4 enters the courtroom, and takes position at the table to the left of the swinging door. This is followed by a few more official looking figures taking seats in the front right row of the gallery, and finally, the general public are allowed t...
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by on July 15, 2020
//With special guest appearance by Carmine Gumshoe. (I made sure to get permission before adding him to the post.) If there was one thing Betty Yakushi disliked about the Ponyville Courthouse it was that they always seemed to keep the courtrooms below freezing temperatures. Sure it was better than being left in sweltering heat, but how were you supposed to present evidence, and give statements while your teeth chattered constantly? Despite her dress coat, and long dress the cold still managed...
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