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by on January 7, 2021
All Winter Unicorns have pale or pastel coats, two toned split manes, heterochromia, curved horns, Long fur on their legs, fangs, multicolored tongues, and tails that can be compared to Kirin tails as being similar. Different tribes have slight variations in horns and tails but that's about it.
It's rare to have a dark coat, both eyes being the same volor , or a single or tri-color mane unless said pony is not fully a Winter Unicorn. As it's seen as bad luck to have a dark coat and is just not helpful in their subarctic home for hunting.
Their fur is super thick and dense to shield them from the bitter cold. They are tall so to not get stuck in the deep snow.
Due to their climate, Winter Unicorns are omnivores, eating both plants and fish.
Winter unicorn magic can be traced to two main types, element and mental magic. Magic that changes the earth and magic that changes the mind.
Cutie Marks are all similar to each other while being obviously different. The mark is also influenced by how one was raised and their natural magic type. Earth based have more obvious elements(fire or gems) on them. Mind based are more abstract looking.
The town of Moongard was named after the ponies whom helped the six families flee the Crystal Empire as it came to the end of Sombra's reign, Princess Luna and her guards.
The tribes have no individual familial names and are named after the occupation they specialize in.
Each tribe has a certain type of magic given to them. The number of tribes has grown but they all derive from the original 6 tribe magics. Warmth, shelter, sustenance, fun, family, and health.
A once heavily secreted group of ponies, the ponies of Moongard have branched out in recent years. Doing so has brought some heartache to the tribes, Especially the more compassionate pony loving of the tribes, the Melodic tribe, has faced the most heartless of crimes committed against them. A foal was stolen.
Ponies from Moongard all are deeply connected to the city and will have the uncontrollable urge to roam until they are back home, thanks to generations of deep family and community bonds.
Winter unicorns are thought to have originated because of the corruption Sombra had caused during his reign in the crystal empire. They are distantly related to Crystal ponies and their exaggerated height and appearances may also point to having some form of dark corruption.
To combat the corrosive nature of said corruption, foals born are raised surrounded by warmth and love from everyone in the town. They are also raised with ways to make their corrupt magic non lethal to others, to control themselves and make the best of their magic set.
Which is why the stealing of foals is highly offensive and met with immediate consequence, usually death. A foal can go astray and accidentally kill another pony if they aren't raised in how to control their magic, more so of those with the mind magic type.
While they are typically born into a tribe, foals born can often have different talents than the parents, and thus have the option to be apart of a tribe similar to their talent upon turning 20 years old. Marriage doesn't change your tribe as a tribe is only symbolic in nature nowadays.
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