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by on October 12, 2021
The damage was worse this time, and Whiplash had already been dismissed for the night. The sting of her numerous cuts and bruises dulled out any sense of emotional pain at her best friend leaving her to rot in the jail cell of Manehattan’s holding cell. The all-too cold bench of the cell had become somewhat of a comforting embrace over her numerous years ending back up in here – now going on three or four years of this dance. The pain-laced scowl was etched on her strikingly-bright face – a h...
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by on September 28, 2021
Bridlely hadn’t been much, especially in the seaside town on the riviera. Days had been spent well-warmed by the sun and full of laughter, chasing after her friends along the sea. Life had been good, albeit filled with minute struggles, full of long days ending with her sleeping on the bar at her mother’s job, well into the earliest hours of the morning. It hadn’t been much, but it’d been . Chiara liked Until it wasn’t. The news of “moving day” had been something the filly wasn’t supposed to ...
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by on January 7, 2021
All Moongardian Unicorns have pale or pastel coats, two toned split manes, heterochromia, curved horns, Long fur on their legs towards the hooves, fangs, multicolored tongues, and tails that can be compared to Kirin tails as being similar. Different tribes have slight variations in horns and tails but that's about it. It's rare to have a dark coat, both eyes being the same color , or a single or tri-color mane unless said pony is not fully a Moongardian Pony. As it's seen as bad luck to have ...
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by on August 3, 2020
Dragonfly was given up by his Rassulian parents and treated by the rest of his kind as inferior and weak like he was broken. He was adopted by a mare from a neighboring planet and raised there with her loving care. Although being bullied harshly for being a Rassulian, the ones who took over half their own galaxy for control, he would follow in his adopted mother's footsteps and forgive. After mandatory military service as a rescue pilot Dragonfly would inherit a ship and become the stallion, he ...
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by on May 27, 2020
Many years ago, there were only hills in the area near the forest, thick and rolling, natural wild flowers growing atop them. Fertile and empty, the land was left alone for quite some time, waiting for the right group to come across it...And one day they did. Two rabbit beastkins, a sailor and a florist, came here to settle. Taking inspiration from ancient ancestors, the two began to create their home on the side of a hill, lovingly dubbed ‘The Burrow’. Over time wildflowers were joined by culti...
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