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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on April 6, 2022
Alright, here's another info letter, this time about the powers of Stickman. In this one, we take a dive into Stickman's powers, both current and former (Basically the ones from before the reboot for the former.)
Let's start with the current.
The Eternal Ink - What allows him to take on different forms and basically survive since his former bird form was broken due to the maelstrom void that started this all. Stickman cannot basically live without his eternal ink, and MANY villains want their hands on this immense power. No joke. If one were to get their hands on this star-shaped artifact, they're gonna literally have to tear Stickman to pieces. Also, since Stickman is made of ink, if water were to befell to him, he'd be burnt. But if a lot of water was dumped on him, he'd be... sorta dead, since he'll just retreat into the Pencil Sword to rejuvenate. And that'll take a while, depending on if the special metal was found or not.
The Unleashed Form - Stickman's "Feral" form. Whenever the need arises, or he just wants to commit genocide on the bad guys, he will use this form to take out the bad guys. Debuting in The Possessed Stick (Which you can read for the backstory behind this form), this form is infused with unstable Maelstrom. Piss Stickman off enough, and he'll go from this form into Primal Instinct Form, which is where his mind truly snaps and his rage is unending. This form is VERY powerful, but also very unstable, which is why Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu try not to make Stickman go into this form, as it's very dangerous to both himself, his friends, his family, and others. It's also the one form even the villains fear to try and attest against. He's gotten better at controlling the Unleashed Form over time since his initial transformation, though, so count your lucky stars he hasn't gone Primal Instinct yet.
The Phantom S Form - Accessible from Stickman's Phantom S Keyblade, Stickman can use this form to take on his rhythm thief form, named Phantom S. Not many people know that Phantom S is Stickman, except for those closest to him (For example, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, Yinu, and to an extent, Knight Wolf in his universe), and he prefers to keep it that way. Considering the heists Stickman pulls off in this form, it'd be wise to keep his true identity a secret. With this form comes a very useful tool called the Rhythm Cane, a golden cane that has an diamond-studded S on the top. This appearance is similar to that of Phantom R from Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, except there's an S on the fedora to tell the two apart.
The Code-X Suit - This suit allows him to utilize maintenance on the HQ (And in the prime universe the USF Base). With it comes an energy sword for combat, should the need for it arises. This suit also allows him and others to enter Cyber Track Zone, a internet based area that comes from Sonic Advance 3. He'll rarely use this on the battlefield, but this allows him to utilize fast speeds.
The Warframes - Utilizing the Void, Stickman can use Transference to transfer into a number of different Warframes that he can summon through his wristwatch, kinda like a Wild Card certain persona users have. (Jump for joy, Persona fans, I used a Persona reference. Yes I know what Persona is.) While in these warframes, however, his powers are strictly limited to the powers each frame has, meaning he cannot use his Elemental Chaos Emeralds or any other powers while in the Warframes. He can also only the weapons the Warframes can use while in them. His favorites one to use out of the warframes he has are the Elemental Executor and the Inquisitor Eternal, Lavos and Harrow Prime, respectively. Speaking of the emeralds...
The Elemental Chaos Emeralds - While only having 3 (Youth, Fire, and Water), he uses caution while using the Fire and Water emeralds, cause both of them counteract his weaknesses. But should the need arise, he will utilize them. This is rare though. Through these elemental chaos emeralds, he can utilize powers from the two elemental chaos emeralds' forms. Namely fire and water. He won't use them much because one, the Fire Emerald reminds him of the logging fire, and two, the Water Emerald will just hurt him if not used right due to his weakness being water. The Youth Emerald allows him and whoever he bestows the emerald's power on to stay at their current age for a long time. (But it does degrade over time, so he and the others can't really stay young forever, y'know.)
Now for the formers!
The Drive Hoodie - Debuting in Crazy Drive, this hoodie allowed Stickman to take on different drive forms and utilize different powers based on the drive form he had active. Kinda like Sora's drive forms! Anyways, he had many different patterns/forms to take on, depending on the situation at hand. It was quite the sight to see which new pattern he would get should he be granted one.
The Repulse category - Now this one's a good one. This one I had an idea of back in 2012, back during the original run of Stickman's Adventures. For this one, he would focus hard, and form a repulse bubble. He would then either utilize it like a hammer, use it like timed bombs, or launch it onto a group of foes to then get launched outward from. This came courtesy of the Eternal Ink.
Many more Elemental Chaos Emeralds - There were more than just the 3 he had now. He had emeralds like Sand, Toxic, Nature, Wind, so on and so forth, each with their own powers that could be utilized. I cut them back to the 3 he has now because that would've been way too much for him to handle and sort through if the need arose for him to switch to a certain elemental form that was required of him.
There may be more i'm forgetting, but as I remember them, they'll go here. For now, yeah, these are the powers Stickman has or used to have, depending on where you read. Enjoy reading, Canterlot Avenue!
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
I do want to add that the Eternal Ink CAN be broken, meaning Stickman isn't really invincible. He can still take a beating or two... just not too heavy of one.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Whoops! Forgot an important power, the Unleashed Form. Added it in.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Also, yes he does indeed have magic, but he rarely uses magic since he uses his sword and the other weapons mentioned in The Weapons of Stickman. That's somewhat where the elemental chaos emeralds come in for some of the magic, by the way.