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Spirit Weaver
by on March 25, 2021
The Everfree Forest was dangerous. There were monsters. Rampant magic. There were ruins and curses. But most terrifyingly, there were Witches. Or... Rather, just one Witch. But this Witch certainly always seemed to know where she needed to be at all times. And it seemed just like that today, as well.
Spirit Weaver was in the lower boughs of the trees. The woods were so densely grown together that she didn't need to leap from branch to branch, either. Rather, she walked it, confidently, as easily as one would walk on cobble or dirt. Each step of her hoof was met with a solid clack of wood— almost like it was meeting her halfway. She moved with dancers grace, hardly knowing where she was going. Was she just patrolling? Or was there something else that needed doing?
A small pause. In the distance, she heard... Whimpering? Growling? Ah. That was it. She would stretch for a moment, before that graceful walk in the sky turned into a mad sprint, zipping through the dark canopy. She didn't know how long she ran. She didn't know how far she went.
But below her, she found the target. A lone stallion, teal blue coat and a black mane, standing, back against a tree. Surrounding him was a pack of timberwolves, slowly approaching. One step. Two steps.
Before they could close the distance, Spirit leapt. She landed heavily— her ankle twisted. That was going to bruise. Getting home would be difficult, as well.
"Oh, Thank the Stars! P-Please help! They're going to eat me!"
"And tell me. What are you doing here. Why should I help you?"
"W-What do you...? T-They're Monsters! D-don't you stop monsters?!"
Spirit would sigh. The wolves ceased their advance as she turned to face the stallion fully, "And what makes you say that they're monsters?"
"Well they—"
"They defended their territory? They hunt? Tell me. Is a fox a monster when it hunts a rabbit? Is a shark a monster when it attacks something invading it's home?"
The stallion was about to speak, when a weak yelp cut him off. A young timberwolf— standing barely up to Spirits knees— pushed through the pack to stand next to the Witch.
Looking down at it, Spirit saw immediately the problem. It's wooden facsimile of ribs were shattered on it's right side. A deep cut of a blade was etched into it's back. Spirit snorted, "Is a parent a monster for defending it's child...?"
Spirit turned to face the wolves now, speaking to the pack, "Let him go. I can help the child. It's going to be okay."
The Timberwolves would just huff. It almost seemed like this was a normal thing, Speaking to the witch. But many of them would turn around. Stepping back into the darkness.
Spirit made her way to follow. But the sound of a weakened timberwolf pup brought her back to reality. A sidestep. Where she had just been standing, a heavy wood cutters axe lay embedded in the soil. The teal stallion'e eyes were wide with anger, as he attempted to pull the thing free.
"You.... You bitch! You're with them! You're a freak!"
As he spoke, trying to pull the axe from its self inflicted grave, roots would rip from the earth, wrapping around the haft of his weapon, dragging it from his hooves, and burying it beneath the soil.
Spirit looked at him with a sigh, "Maybe we finally found the real monster here. Maybe it's not the wolves. Maybe it's not the Witch. Maybe, just maybe, it's the stranger who enters the woods unbidden, attacking young, and trying to strike down a resident in her own home."
The stallion, wide eyed, would rear back a hoof, trying to strike at her, "Why you—!"
Spirit was able to slip away from the blow as she took one more step forwards, "A lot of them know me as a witch. But... First and foremost? I'm a monster hunter. And I found my target. I'm feeling fair today. I'll give you a head start. You have until I can patch up the kid."
The stallion took a step backwards, before turning around in a full sprint.
And Spirit collapsed to her knees. Her ankle was already swollen and she couldn't have chased him if she wanted to. The wolf, though, would nuzzle up next to her, before helping pick her up.
It was hard being a Witch. And it was hard knowing that this was another pony that would go home and villify her. She'd never get her true repentance at this rate.
A look down, at the weakened puppy, still helping her along, though, and she knew that she made the right choice.
There was still one less beast in these woods.
Spirit Weaver
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Ice Wisp
The real monster was the friends we made along the way.
Antique FourHooves
Wait, don’t you mean the treasure?
Spirit Weaver
The real monster was the treasure we found along the way