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by on October 3, 2021
Changelings are the most notorious of Equestrian fae. They require love to sustain themselves, and for a very long time, this led them down dark paths. Foals were stolen from their cribs and replaced by newly hatched changelings in their likeness. While horrifying behaviour to pony kingdoms, it was a custom formed of desperation. No changeling wanted to let their children starve and suffer, not while ponykind gorged themselves on hoarded resources, and they did not harm the stolen foals. Each one had a future secured as a soldier. None of this stirred a moral quandary - you must remember that what seems set in stone to you as right and wrong are cultural tradition and not laws of the universe itself.
Changelings are the most notorious, but hardly the only fae to exist. In fact they are a large faction of many unique species that coexist - what ponies considered pests. There were beings with many eyes and legs, with the ability to create fine works and to protect their young viciously. Some flew and helped maintain a balance of flora by pollination; the most acceptable of these to ponykind being the small breezies that relied on the wind to guide their colonies on long journeys. Others were seen as a threat and were beaten back to far corners, where they survived in small kingdoms.
One such species of pollinator fae were moth colonies which could produce stunning fabrics and were able to navigate by following stars, which granted them the ability to pollinate unique species of plants which bloomed at night. Mothponies were considered dangerous and savage, for the nocturnal creatures performed rituals in the moonlight, and seemed entirely alien in makeup. Each colony was different, of course, but all worshiped the moon, and all spent the majority of their lives in a larval state. Some would not eat anything after emerging as a moth, and would live a few years as elders before dying and making way for the next generation. Others fed on nectar and lived upwards of half their lives in that elder state.
Seniority and power went wing in wing. Those who lived longest as elder moths were considered the most important and respectable species, making up a great council which served emperors in their reign.
Unfortunately, many species have been absolutely lost, for ponies grew dreadfully afraid of the mysterious nocturnal creatures, and one day long ago took up torches. An army of fire descended upon them. Once marvelous kingdoms turned to ash in a war that lasted only a week, yet devastated the balance of nature for eternity; it was this that later led to ponies taking control over the natural world by raising and setting the sun and moon, changing the weather, and farming. Once, these were all natural processes that were kept in balance and check by the diverse flora and fauna. Once, but no longer.
The terror passed and was forgotten. Ponies told it with themselves as the heroes who had saved Equestria from winged, monstrous beasts, who were wicked and intended to steal the moon for themselves.
And yet, for all this tragedy... some survived.
Larvae who were safely burrowed underground emerged after long years, and they have slowly relearned traces of the magic they once possessed. Some have dared to venture to Equestria, disguised by glamours, and have integrated into society. They have no status and shy away from positions of power. Any exposure of their survival is dangerous to these remnants of an empire.
In the shadows they hide, and they look to the moon for guidance. Some day, they will gather together under its light, and the empire shall be restored - until then, their glamours protect them.
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