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Knight Wolf
by on May 8, 2021
"You know you like it so why do you always act like you don't," Devine says smirking as the walk the streets of Saddle Arabia
"You just know when to take advantage of me," Knight says as he looks at the things the vendors have for sale, he then looks at his bag of bits, "Hmm," he says and she looks at the bag
"Are we out of bits?" she asks and he scoffs at her, "I'm out of bits, because someone always needs a midnight meal
"Hey, I've never been on such a long trip, i need the extra energy," she says smiling sheepishly. "What are we gonna do?" she asks
"What? Isn't it obvious?" he asks and she looks at him like a lost puppy
"We are both adults are we not?" he asks and she blushes, "H-hey I know we sleep together alot but that doesn't mean I'm willing to sell my body like candy," she says offended
He bonks her head, "Fool I mean jobs, is sex the only thing you think adults do?" he says shaking his head
"Ow.. oh yea.. hmm but what jobs are fit for a beautiful mare and whatever you are," she says as he glares at her
"I'm not sure but look around and at midday go back to the hotel, hopefully we both have found something by then," he says and she nods, "Oky-doky," she says trotting off
"And make sure its dignified!" he calls after her, she waves at him and continues on, Knight then looks around, he is pretty large even here, "someone must be looking for some muscle for something," he says to himself as he takes off.
A few hours later he is working lifting bags of cement in large quantities up a builiding that was being constructed, "Like I said lad, I can only let you work today while no one knows you're here but you'll have to get a workers pass to be able to continue working here," An ox says as he walks by him
"I understand, thank you," Knight says as he continues working, at the end of the day the boss pays him for work
"Damm, wish I could do more for ya son, i havent seen anyone carry so much heavy gear so easily like ya," he says, "If you do get the pass dont hesitate to come back, I'd hire ya on the spot," the ox says patting him on the back
"Thank you," Knight says nodding as he heads back to the hotel, the sun began lower of the arabian horizon when he reached for the door handle and stops, he can hear singing. He opens the door and he realizes Devine is singing in the shower, its not bad, in fact she is actually quite talented.
He sits on the bed and sighs, "The war doesnt seem to have affected this area at all," he says to himself as Devine steps out
"Oh Knight your finally back!" she says chippirly and jumps in front of him, "So, how the job hunt go," she asks smiling
"It seems we will have to get workers pass to be able to actually work here for more than a day," he says annoyed by the paperwork they will have to do, what about you," he says as she obviously looks giddy
"I found us both jobs that dont require passes," she says and he lights up, "Really? Thats great! Where?" he asks and she smiles "A waitress and bouncer job for some club nearby," she says and he smiles
"Wow, great job Devine," he says petting her and she blushes at it but smiles, "We start tomorrow night so rest up today," she says as Knight gets up, "Sounds good," he says as he steps into the shower, "So, what kind of club?" he asks and she shrugs, "You know what... i dont think I asked," she says
"Ok, well I'm sure its fine," he says as he steps into the shower.
The next night, "You are shitting me... Devine?" he says almost in a growl, the mare in question whistles as she looks away blushing slightly
"Ah Devine welcome my girl," a rather flamboyant griffin comes out of the females entertainment club, "H-hey Mr. Feather," she responds waving a hoof
"Non no noo Devine, it is Madam Feather okay?" she says snaping her fingers then turns to Knight, "Oh my," he says as he walks around "Oh my oh my my myyy," he says grinning widely, "Non, he will not do as a bouncer," he says biting his talon giddily
"What why not?" Knight asks, "I thought you needed muscle," Devine says confused
"Oh I do, but muscle for the door is usually bulky and not so great to look at," he says smiling at Knight, "Non, you are a masterpiece, you," he says caressing Knight chin, "You belong on stage for all of us to admire and throw ourselves at," he says at which Knight pales
"I think.. I think I'll eat out of the garbage," Knight says backing up, "The pay is 100 bits an hour plus whatever you make in tips my dear," the griffin says and Knight stops and Devine walks to him, "Just one night would cover us for days," she says to him which he already knows
"Come on, just suck it up for one night," she says and he sighs and turns to the griffin who was admiring her, "What... what kind of performance is the stage for?" he asks the griffin smiles widely
Devine was serving drinks around to the customers of the club when she hears the announcement
"Hellooooo my lovely dolls!" Madam Feather screams out, "I have a very, oh my very delicious treat for you tonight, from far off lands this hunter has come seeking something... exotic," he says fanning himself with a fan
"But tonight he is our captured prey, please enjoy as this wild," he says while snapping his teeth together, " wild beast tries to break free, but can he escape our chains of sexiness?" he says running his claws along the shape of his body
In the back Knight was chugging a bottle of rum, "How have I been reduced to this," he says
"Please feast your eyes upon the dark Knight of the Horizon!" the griffin yells and Knight comes onstage with lose chains wrapped around his neck and paws and he struts to the middle floor where there is a pole
This being his first time in the front he can see many females and males watching him and about three other male dancers, he grabs the pole, "I hate my life," he says as he spins, the females and males all start whistling and yelling throwing bits and other things and Devine watches with deep interest almost forgetting to do her job.
"I love my life," she says drooling