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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on June 1, 2022
And here I come to you guys with another info blog. This time, I'm doing a dive into the powerful Team Attacks. What exactly are Team Attacks, you may be asking? Well. Team Attacks require at least two people that combines their strengths and powers to unleash a mighty attack on their foes. In this case, every Team attack requires Stickman for activation. Let's go through each one, starting with the famous one:
Stickman and Jewel: All Together- With their bond unshattered, Stickman and Jewel clash their keyblades, trapping enemies inside a personalized black hole. The two then hop inside it and slice the enemy a lot. They finish it with launching the group of enemies out of the black hole, harming anyone in the path. This can be upgraded to a more powerful attack if all 5 of the main characters join in.
Stickman and Skye: Helicopter Barrage- Utilizing Skye's vehicle knowledge, Stickman hops onto the helicopter blade and shoots out elemental bursts of fire, ice, or poison at their enemies while spinning rapidly. At the finish, Stickman, with the momentum from the helicopter blade, hops off of it and slams into the ground, thrusting his sword into the ground, creating a mini tornado, lifting up enemies.
Stickman and Skystar: Cascading Torrent- Utilizing ink-filled water (mostly so it doesn't burn Stickman), Stickman rides the tide into enemies, building up enough for a final crescendo of downpour, dishing out the hurt upon his enemies.
Stickman and Yinu: Agonizing Orchestra- Utilizing Yinu's musical knowledge, Stickman utilizes Yinu's Piano, spinning to the music that Yinu plays. The enemies get caught up in the spin output by Stickman, and at the final note, launches the enemies far away.
Stickman and NSA (If teaming up): Cyber Infiltration- Utilizing Nega Stickbot Alpha's tech, Stickman and NSA combine their tech knowhow to unleash a virus onto their enemies. It spreads to random enemies, and ends with them exploding, dealing damage to the surrounding enemies.
Now. I'm not sure about these next few if they will ever come to light, but these are what ifs.
Stickman and Knight Wolf: Revengance Unbound- Utilizing Stickman's Unleashed Form and Knight Wolf's beast form, they rush at groups of enemies, unleashing all that they got, ending in a explosion that deals damage in a large area.
Stickman and King Artemis: Arcane Eternal- Utilizing Stickman's Paintbrush Staff and Artemis's Arcane knowledge, they unleash a Barrage of elemental bolts, ending with a infusion of a drawn bomb from the Eternal Tablet part of the Paintbrush Staff and Eternal Tablet combo, unleashing all of it onto surrounding enemies.
Now if more come to mind, they'll go here. Do enjoy the read!
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Now, until the King Artemis and Knight Wolf team Attacks become utilized in their respective rps, they are considered non-canon. Once they are utilized, they will go into the Canon section.