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by on December 30, 2021
Torch slams the bathroom door shut and locks herself inside. She tosses her bag to the floor and lays down, sobbing. It's been a rough day. She just lost one of her long-time friends.
"Why can't life be FAIR?" She yells at the toilet, hitting herself in the head a couple times.
"Life's never been fair." Comes a voice above her. She looks up to see Gray standing over her.
"I know it's not, but why CAN'T it be?" Torch asks, blinking tears out of her eyes as she stares at Gray. "One of my best friends, GONE! I can't believe I stole from her.. I'd never do that! I don't steal from friends!" She lies to herself, trying to comfort herself into believing her friend's departure from her life isn't her fault.
"You're a thief and a liar, Torch. This is what happens to ponies that think they can get away with 'just a little stealing'." Helpfully chimes Gray, sitting down next to her.
"You're not HELPING!" Torch raises her voice at Gray, pushing him away. "She was my BEST friend! I've gotta win her back somehow... I just don't know how!" She wipes the tears from her eyes, sitting up and digging a vape out of her bag for a bit of stress relief.
"Maybe just let her be for a while?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "Let her cool off, then talk to her again. Give it a week?" He suggests.
"Whatever.. Just, let ME be for a while, okay? I need to rela---"
"You okay in there, Torch?" Comes Gray's voice from outside the bathroom. She turns to look at the door, and when she turns back, she's alone again.
"..Yeah, I'm fine. Just.. Just need a few minutes' all."
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