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King Artemis
by on January 23, 2022
Continuation of Part 2
"Okay Artemis. Time to give yourself a quick recap of everything that's happened ever since traveling to this World or Realm of Darkness. The Land is one that lies as a connection to our reality for some reason. It's a Land that appears to be alive, flowing deep and rich with Arcane. The Moon above seems to act as a transportation, spilling out Arcane Magic onto the land every Full Moon, birthing new creatures into the land to roam, run wild, hunt, or just spend eternity here. These creatures are actually all dead, being victims of deaths related to Arcane acts or dangers. Any creature killed by forms of Arcane or where Arcane is involved? Well they end up in this Land. And to add icing to this dangerous cake? Some of these creatures seem to take upon roles. Guardians for example of one I've met that tried to attack me. And according to that guardian? It hasn't been the first attempt of an attack as it seems my Nightmare Spirit had killed two of these so called Guardians already, upon his visit here of course. And now? I'm trotting through this deep forest, in the direction of a mountain, one that holds an ancient Castle at its peak....Talk about an adventurous evening."
The King couldn't help finding humor in the situation he was in. He wasn't sure why he was even continuing along this forest filled path he was currently on. He could just turn back. Turn back and open the passage back to his reality. Back to his warm, inviting Castle in Canterlot. Yet....his nature of wanting to know more. Find out more. Explore more. A whole world where Arcane is its atmosphere. Where the dead caused by Arcane appear. It wasn't something he could ignore! He wouldn't be sure as to the next chance he gets to visit. He needed to visit now! Take full advantage! It is what has been decided by him, trotting the rough floral paths of the dark forest before him. Whatever this Castle at the peak of the Mountain was? He was gonna find out. It was too late to turn back.
"Hmm...well this is quite ominous." Stopping the King's path seemed to be a fork. One path towards the left seemed to lead towards an exit of sorts out of the forest for a brief moment, crossing into a field of flowers, before re-entering the forest on the other side most likely. A clearing of sorts. The other path would be a complete opposite of the first. The would seem to lead deeper into the forest, moonlight struggling to brighten the area the deeper the path went in. It was extremely off putting. Which path to take? "Well...seems I'm at a choice. Storybook fairy tales would say to take the scariest path for the safest result. Yet...this isn't a fairytale. Just different realm. Best for me to take the clearing path." This was the conclusion the King made as he began to take his first step towards the left path.
"I wouldn't go that way, Mister."
A voice. A voice seemed to join the area the King was in. He hadn't heard anything near or approach. He wasn't sure as to why he was hearing a voice. He was quick to turn around, looking straight, left, and right. But...nothing. Nothing was around. "Damn...forest is creeping on me."
"That's a bad word you just said, Mister."
The voice again, appearing as sound close by. More then close. Downward. This caused the King to look down from where he was standing, soon realizing the culprit of voice. An animal. A deer. Young deer. Not young enough to be a fawn, but not old enough to be an adult. Maybe close to a teen? Or perhaps still a child. Its coat was different then any deer he's ever seen of course. It was an unnatural dark. Almost purple in a way. A few spots were seen, but shown as black. The deer's eyes were slightly glowing, almost like a nocturnal sight. Also, a few small horns could be seen. Male then? Maybe. "Erm...Sorry. My apologies for using such words. I didn't see you there."
"Bad words are only used by bad creatures. But, bad creatures don't apologize. You apologized. That means you are not a bad creature." The Deer spoke with a smile on its face. "A not bad creature should not go towards the flowers. The flowers are there as a trap. A trick. A lure. A distraction. Mama always say, "Any flower of beauty, has the biggest thorns." I wasn't sure what she meant. But I believe she warns of bad creatures using flowers to capture prey. Bad creature are around this area after all. Most likely outside the field of flowers. Skullclaws."
"Skullclaws?" The King asked as he furrowed his brow towards the deer and the path leading to the field of flowers.
"Never seen a Skullclaw, Mister? They are real mean and nasty. Reptile wolves, with no skin on their face! Just their skull out in the open! Long, sharp claws, capable of cutting a tree down in seconds! They travel in packs! They hunt as a team! Hunt large prey! You are large! Large prey with lots of meat! Perfect food!"
"No need to keep shouting. I'm seeing your point, kid." Artemis would end the young deer's rant as he looked towards the field. "Figures the most appealing path isn't the easiest. So much for leaving for forest for a minute. If only I could fly. But....the thunder and lighting above would be too risky...."
"In a rush to be in a place, Mister?"
Artemis would point towards the large mountain in the distance, through the trees. "I've aiming to reach the peak of that Mountain. I'm told of a Castle that lays at the peak, ancient, and untouched." He explained as he took a moment to gather how far he was. perhaps...six miles from the base? Hard to tell.
"Ohhhh! You are attempting a climb towards the rumored Castle? Sounds pretty dangerous, Mister. Dangerous and Scary. No creature has been up there in generations. At least...that's what Mama has told me. Mama says that all stay clear. All stay away. Only the guardians travel. But we don't deal with guardians. Guardians are bullies. And mean. Mama says they are the lowest form of creature like waste. But... I don't know what she means by that."
"You speak of a Mother? Shouldn't you be trying to go back to her? She's most likely worried about you out here on your own if Skullclaws, as you called them, could be near." Artemis would point out to the kid with a small smile. "Perhaps you should get back. Thanks for the warning."
"No problem, Mister. But I don't need to return to Mama yet. I'm actually close to where Mama is. I was already on my way back."
"On your way back? Why were you even out here alone to begin with?" The King asked.
To this question, the young deer seemed to give a sheepish stance, almost as if it was embarrassed about something. "Well....I'm still new to the land. I'm wanting to get familiar with the area. Mama says I'll be staying here forever. And...well I want to prove of being helpful to the village. So I set out to explore and know where everything is."
"Village, Mister. Forest Village. In that direction." The Deer would point down the path that was seen as the scariest option originally. The one the went deeper into the forest. "Going down that path will lead you to my home. It will always lead to the exit of the forest a ways away. If you wanna reach the mountain without crossing the field, you could pass through the village. We are nice. And have food if you hunger." The Deer seemed to give another bright smile. "The village is the only native home in this forest. Mama had built it a long time ago, she says. Something about a home for those looking to belong. But I don't know what that means..."
"An alternate way out of this forest, you say? And it'll lead me to the mountain still?" The King seemed to regain his focus. Yes, that's right. He needed to leave the forest to reach the mountain. " mentioned being 'new' to the land? You seem to be at least...fives years of age? Maybe six? The land is still new?"
"I have only been in this land for half a years time according to Mama. When I dead, I left my old Mama behind. Then I was born here." The Deer spoke with clear explanation. Yet Artemis' reaction to it was one of pure shock. It didn't cross his mind. Yet he should've known. Most of the creatures in the land were birthed from the Moon after a death related to Arcane in his reality.
"Oh...I see...." The King spoke, keeping down his sadness.
"You okay, Mister? You look a bit pale. Want food. We have food. Follow. Mama loves to meet new creatures. Visit our home. Then continue on your journey. You won't regret it. Mama always say, "A Full stomach is the key to a lasting travel". If you wanna make it to the Mountain? You gotta eat. We have delicious food. Best in the forest." With that? The Young Deer would give another bright smile, leading into the path previously mentioned. Artemis seemed to shake off his thoughts, agreeing to follow the young deer towards this village it spoke of...
To be Continued......
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