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Prince Solaris
by on May 9, 2022
Further up the mountain, on a grassy patch that offered a scenic view over Canterlot and the surrounding area as the moon began to greet the evening sky, stood the older prince. Well, in this case, the only prince now. A.. good bit of time had passed since Solaris last saw his home, a large variety of emotions flashing through his eyes as he stared down at the view before him. He wished he had returned on a better note. He wished he had returned without the intent on taking back what was rightfully his, even if it was to prevent future civil war. He wished he could have said goodbye before being taken away against his full understanding.
Almost two years or so ago, during Solaris' recovery after the fight against Torment, a group of his loyalists got together and planned. They heard of Artemis' intent on taking the crown for himself and feared for their prince's life. Calling themselves "The Order of the Shattered Sun," they used the guise of going to a specialized facility for recovery, the Order had convinced Solaris to go with them there, so he wouldn't be a burden at the castle and recover faster, physically, from his injuries. While they weren't exactly lying about that intention, they weren't upright with the fact that on Artemis' ends of things? It would look like Solaris had just.. left peacefully in the night. It was decided to be this way so Artemis wouldn't have temptations to visit his recovering brother, complicating things even more.
But now it was time to return home. Tensions were rising on the edges of the kingdom, quietly, as ponies were starting to grow discontent with how the kingdom finally had a king. The Order had been quick to scoop up allies, both domestic and foreign, and had slowly amassed an army that didn't rely on the Solar Guards for its numbers. That army currently rested miles behind Solaris, the distant campfires flickering like the stars above them. Solaris had came to this view, alone, to contemplate. This spot was his favorite view of his home, one he had last visited with a mare he loved a millennia ago. A view he wanted to share with a special somecreature, but didn't want to burden her with a trek like this and worry her, given the.. recent development between the two. He promised himself that he would visit this site once more with his loved ones, once this whole ordeal was done. Hopefully, his brother and his family would be with him. That, however, was a bridge to be crossed later.
The bridge that needed to be crossed now? Well, that would be soon made apparent as a familiar batpony approached the lonely prince, his right eye missing completely from his socket. "Sir.. I wish I hadn't need to tell you this, but.. It's Missus Amethyst," the batpony began without hesitation.
This caused Solaris to snap his head and attention towards the batpony. "Commander Nightfall, what has happened?!" he asked, concern and worry clearly filling his voice.
"She and Nova aren't at the camps. I've managed to track where she went before she took to flight. She was heading towards Canterlot. Alone."
"Well then.. Seems like somecreature still doesn't like to listen to their husband~" a familiar voice rang out in Solaris' mind, the voice sounding very much like his own, but a touch deeper and distorted.
Solaris growled to himself, turning his head towards Canterlot.
"Shall I ready the army, sir?" Commander Nightfall offered.
"Have them on standby.. But do not march forward. I will go alone to bring her back. I will send the signal should things go.. awry. My intent is not to confront my brother tonight, just to bring her back. Hopefully that doesn't call for an army.." Solaris responds with before he takes off from the scenic view.
"As you command, sir. Safe travels," the batpony simply responds with as he takes to flight himself, back towards the army.
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