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Apex Mist
by on June 14, 2022
//Just trying out something new. Wanted to see if I could RP a song as someone who isn't musically prone, but wanted to sing a song she liked.
It was deep into the night in Canterlot where the only life that inhabited the lower portion were those in the nightlife scene. A bar known more by the locals was well lit with open signs, the words "The Singing Tuna" with a fish that looked side then leaned away was lit with a bright yellow light. Under the that were double doors with a large window on each side that peered into the inside of the bar. One window was blocked with a large poster that said "Karaoke Night! 2 Free drinks when singing and 4 if you play an instrument!" to help support local creators. If you looked past the large poster you could a multitude of tall bar tables with stools on each side, some tables occupied while others were not. The promotion certainly helped with bringing in small crowds, but they were the types that enjoyed seeing the talent if not part of it. Past the crowds laid a barren wooden stage with a spotlight pointing down and a microphone stand. The stage was taken every now and then by the drunk who didn't mind singing a fun or cheesy song for a couple of free drinks, but it received more love than the serious singer.
Apex walked over to the steps of the stage and removed the hairband that kept her ponytail together, letting it flow down to her right shoulder. The mane partially covered up her right eye with a few strands. She then placed the black band around her left hoof and began to walk up the stage to an electric piano. She set the piano to a classical tone after she sat down and then reached over to the light controls nearby, lowering them to a dim fixture on her. If one could see past the mane and close enough, her cheeks were warm with a blush. The mare took a breath and bit her bottom lip as her emerald eyes fixated on the black and white keys of the instrument. Without looking up she reached out to the microphone that stood above the keyboard, moving it closer to her so she wouldn't have to speak loudly.
Apex cleared her throat and spoke loudly into the microphone, letting it ring for a second as she spoke. "This song goes out to the dude in high school who got a boner in gym class! He was wearing loose-fitting shorts and it was super embarrassing!"
Salt by Sueco
Apex moved her hooves to the right side of the keyboard for higher tones, but still with a soft hint of deeper notes as she began. The notes were played slowly and would repeat after another which only made it easier to practice, fortunately. Her voice lowered to a mix of soft-spoken speaking and singing, her voice stretching over the notes. "Still got our pictures hanging on my waa~ll... My roommates say it's time I take them down. So, I tell them that~I~will. Then I don't." She began before continuing with a couple of soft notes between the next line. "/I/ found the /sweater/ that you left behi~ind and start to miss you for the thou-sand-th time. Still convinced it's /all/ my fa~ault... But's it not." The mare then took a quick deep breath before increasing her voice volume and pace. "Cause you hurt me ba~ad and I hurt you ba~ack." She sang with holding notes of something not professional or even average singer, her of a tone that show's not much practice with partially scratchy voice when she attempted to hold words. "Tell me /what/ kind of love is that. No matter /who's/ in my bed, you're the /one/ in my head, you're the /best/ I ever had." Apex readied herself and took another breath, "I can't get over /you~uuuu/... I'm still pouring salt inside the wound. I'm not ready /too~ooo/.. I'm still pouring salt inside the /wound/ you-left-me-/with/."
Apex goes back to the first round of notes on the piano, however, she accidentally skipped over a couple and made them sound slightly faster while trying to catch up in her head. The soft notes were slightly increased in volume when she moved the volume upwards on the scale, filling the room with a somber tone of the song. "Never understood why you said /go~odbye~ee/. I'll check my phone another hun-dred-th times. Just in case you /change/ your mind..." She takes a short breath before saying the last line with a hint of a shaky voice. "but-you-/won't/." Her voice returns to lower in volume but increases in volume as she sang to louder talking. "Cause you hurt me /bad/ and I hurt you /back/ now what kind of love is /that/?" Apex began to lean into each word as she spoke it into the microphone, closing her eyes, "No matter /who's/ in my bed, /you're/ the /one/ in my head, /you're/ the best /I/ eve~er had." Her voice began to show to be shakier as she continued, taking a deep breath and then continuing. The longer words did not fall in place perfectly in tune, but slightly better than the last chorus. "I /can't/ get over yoou~uu. I'm still pouring /salt/ inside the /wound/. I'm not /ready/ tooo~oo. I'm still pouring /salt/ inside the /wound/ you left me /wi~th/." At the cut-off of 'with' she ended the word in a deeper tone before taking a shaking breath. Her eyes opened up to look at the keys, redness surrounded the exterior of her eyes showing irritation and moisture. The piano notes continue to repeat themselves over the same chorus a few times before echoing to a stop. Her hooves lifted from the piano before using her right hoof to pull in the microphone in, the first couple lines in a somber and more hush singing. "I /can't/ get over youu~uu. I'm still pouring saa~lt /inside/ the wounds. I'm not reea~dy to~oo. I'm still pouring /salt/ inside the /wound/ you left me /with/." Finishing the 'with' with a significant shake as the volume was increased and then lowered shortly. Apex exhaled shakily as she finished before bringing her hooves back and feeling down her mane once from top to bottom, from the back.
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