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by on November 3, 2022
The "date" didn't go as planned, as in it never happened. The stallion whom she pined for long before this, brought along a mare of his own to the hangout. That's right, she told him they were going to hang out. Since it was usually the two of them during then, she thought it would be best to reveal to him her true intentions and feelings for him.
Maybe she should have told him outright that she wanted to go out with him as more than friends. No. She definitely should have. It would be better to be disappointed early and be left alone, instead of being heartbroken while having front-row seats to the 'love' of your teenage life with another mare playing "lovey-dovey teenagers". But how could she have known to not be so caught up in the moment, to be lost in her own emotions for a stallion she essentially obsessed over. At least the shock from it helped her smile throughout.
Now she sits in a corner of her room, feeling lonelier than thou. The best course of action would be to tell her parents about this. Seek guidance and reassurance that this is a part of life and that her feelings although valid, was not to be dwelled upon for long. Naturally, as a teenager, she instead snuck in a commemorative whiskey bottle her father brewed, for when she came of age. The smell and taste came out as repulsive at first. She kept on taking sips however, because drinks such as these are supposed make one feel better, right?
Curse adolescence and its hormone-fueled shenanigans.
*Art by Baby
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