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King Artemis
by on November 9, 2022
??? "Ahhh! Ahh! P-Please! more. No more please. I-I have done nothing of notice....Nothing of value. I'm just a nopony! Ahhh!"
??? "It is rather sad to hear you refer to yourself as a simple nopony. Where as here? In this space? You are providing purpose. You are involved in the steps for future knowledge."
My name is Arold Murk. I am a unicorn blessed in knowledge and will. Brought into this world for purpose. Gifted to this land in order to change it. I may not know my full calling life has instructed for me, but I'm sure of one thing. I am Important.
??? "If this is about the trade agreements, it wasn't my doing! My Boss was giving those orders! The Dark Lord wasn't suppose to suspect! Lord Somber would have appreciated the extra research given from the foreign..AHHHH!!!!!!!!"
Arold "Lord Somber isn't of knowledge of whatever it is you're wording about. In fact? I doubt he even knows of your existence. Why does a nopony like you deem yourself even worthy of his attention?"
??? "If the Dark Lord isn't cross at the actions of my employment, then why is his personal apprentice torturing me!!! Ahhh!!!!"
I am the personal apprentice of the Dark Lord in the glorious Kingdom I reside in. My father, and fathers before them had served this Kingdom under the reign of our current Lord for a many of generations. They were one of the first families in the Dark Kingdom from what I've been told through history. As it should be, further proof of my existence being for purpose. So it was only nature for me to become the apprentice of the Ruler. After all, we share one similar interest.
Arold "Torture is a very poor word to use, Sir. As well as not accurate. While it seems that my Arcane is causing your body extreme amounts of pain for no purpose, in realty? I'm simply using you as a test subject. An experiment. And experiments can't be tortured. For that is all they are. Experiments. Noponies.
Arcane is an amazing concept. A unique subject of magic. One of the main building blocks of what possible created this world. Something so powerful, intense, and addicting. It is a pure drug to me. And it is the source of power that our Dark Lord uses. And under him, I am also one to use it. Train in it. Master it. It is because of this desire and talent that I was chosen to become his apprentice. His second hoof. His ally.
However, I am one that isn't so easily fooled. I am nothing to the Dark Lord. Not even an existence. I am merely a tool. No worth. Just an individual that aides in his ruling. All I am to him is bug that he could easily squish if he so decided to. He thinks me a simple breathing creature. And even though he granted myself stay at his Castle, along with my wives and children? It doesn't change what I truly am to him. Worthless.
Arold "Worthless, yes. That is all you are, Sir. A worthless experiment. A simple metal in the furnace. Your only worth is to aide my research...."
The Dark Lord is a powerful being. One this intense and demi-god levels of Arcane power. To step up to him is a death sentence for normal individuals. However.....his day will come. A day where he is no more. A day where he is struck from his Throne. And only then? On that day? I'll be fulfilling my purpose.
??? "P-Please....j-just let me go. Let me see my family! Ahhhh!!!!!"
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