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King Artemis
by on November 10, 2022
Lord Somber: "What is it that you see before you, my dearest apprentice?"
These were the words spoken to me by my Master. Lord Somber, the Ruler of the Dark Kingdom and Master of all things Arcane. From first glance, you'd suspect yourself to be meeting the Devil. A large Alicorn with a rather darkened blue complexation. Even darker were his bat like wings and horn, which seemed almost a midnight. The same could go for the horn as well, which was the most upsetting feature, being that it resembled a devil's. But the true essence of terror that came from this Ruler was nothing like the large wings and intense atmosphere. It was the eyes. His eyes were of nothing of his color scheme of birth. Only red. Blood red. Almost Vibrant with the right shadows casting upon his face. Those eyes told of one purpose. Of one focus. He is nothing more then a Dark Creature. He is not a living being. He is not a breathing being. Even if he was birthed and exhales breath, nothing in this world could possibly be as dead as him. For his eyes held no emotion. No restraint. Sadness, Anger, Contempt, Calm, Hyper, Agitation, Melancholy. None of those existed behind those eyes. Only purpose. Yet....his purpose is one of a million things I could never think of guessing.
Before me, he asks of simple question. What is it that I see before me? I decided to look ahead as to see what my answer for him could be. As we both were standing at the highest balcony of his Kingdom, I focused on all before. Citizens, Buildings, Magic, Air, Smoke, Fire, Darkness, a constant darkness.
Arold: "A Kingdom. I see before me a powerful Kingdom. One that worships Arcane. Understands the Superior forms of its magic. A Kingdom that shuns the poison that is Light Magic. One that is dependent towards its Leader. A Kingdom that doesn't follow a ignorant ruling, Circle, or Ministry. A Kingdom made to serve the most powerful Leader this world has provided in millennia."
Lord Somber: "A decent and articulate answer. However, it is falsely worded."
Arold: "Forgive my answer, Master. I only spoke what it is I saw before me."
Lord Somber: "And it is what you saw that is your greatest struggle, my apprentice."
He was silent for a moment. It almost felt like an eternity. I wanted to speak up, but his words soon interrupted me.
Lord Somber: "This a toy. That is all it is worth. The insects that call themselves citizens? Worthless. The Buildings, Shops, Trades, income, livelihood they all display? Meaningless. For what is life to them which can't even control it? You see.....they don't control anything. They don't desire anything. They are simply living. Breathing. Existing. All they are is emotion. Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Grief. Jealousy. Truthfulness. Kindness. Loyalty. Generosity. All things they are or show to be? Meaningless."
Arold: "I'm sorry, Master. I fail to understand your words. Don't such emotions give characteristics? Show proof that being such as them are more then living creatures. Creatures with emotions would also show stride. Show ambition. Show purpose. Are these false?"
Lord Somber: "Arold. Your words are mixed. Tangled. Confused. Emotion is nothing more then a mask. A blanket. A shield. Take away emotion? Take away such a mask? They are who they truly are. Worthless creatures. So how should one treat them differently when they decide to put on the mask? For underneath? They are all the same. Simple. Insects. Insects that follow my rule. My desires. My goals. For I am who I will always be. Unmasked. A Ruler with goals."
Arold: "Would you claim yourself as one that doesn't have emotions?"
I dared to ask such a question out of turn. And in doing so, I felt my blood run cold. The slow turn of my master, soon facing me with the same unreadable expression he always had. But that expression was nothing more then a sign of speaking out of turn when I shouldn't have spoken in the first place.
I was fortunate that he was merciful.
King Somber: "Tell me something, Arold. Your desires? What are they? Arcane correct? The will. The drive. The dedication to learn all there is to learn about it. That is your desire. Your goal. also Love. You love your wives. You love your parents. You love your children. Does Arcane come before them? Does your Desire come before them?....."
King Somber: "What happens to that Desire when your family is taken from you? Will you treasure them over your goals? Or will you pursue your true desire.....while they rest in the dirt....."
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King Artemis
Yes indeed this is two days in a row of Lore. I'm in a creative mood and might be in one for awhile. Enjoy.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Dude... I know I have my series, but this is awesome to see. This is some creative lore, i'll tell ya what.
King Artemis
Thank you. I do try. Just feeling it the right time to dive into lore again.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
My series may be a tad confusing (Or a lot confusing, depending on who you ask lol) but I can follow along with yours very easily.
Queen Lesa
Two lore post in a row~ rare. :3 Better get more popcorn then. I would tell you somebody else mood, but I can't it's too out in the public. ;3 Back to shopping I gooo~
King Artemis
Two in a row. Possibly a third tomorrow. We are in that Arc in anime, (not that I'm a weeb, but i can be), where we spend a few episodes dealing with backstory on a specific character xD
Queen Lesa
ovo Possibly a third ey? I'll keep on the lookout for that. Good to see that you got your mojo flowing again. Backstory is good though~ you get a chance to learn about that certain character more~