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by on January 6, 2023
It was so long. So dark...
Yet I will not fall... Not yet.
I have work to do.
Dr. Reid would be walking to his place of work. He would slowly shuffle to his job. His body nearly fully decayed with the exception of just enough muscle to move and maybe speak. He didn't dare try to speak through. Please... Just make it. His body would shake and his jaw would have fallen off. He would have finally made it with just enough energy to get there. He didn't make it fast enough... Shila Shulziker and NEFARIOUS! could be seen standing in front of the incubator. Stop it...
Not again... Never again. Shila would look back at him as she would giving a horrified look. She would slowly waltz to him as he would hold up his hand. She would then move slowly away from him with a fearful look. Her eyes were in pure terror as he would move toward him. Reid would make a hopeless noise or gargle as he would be taken in half by NEFARIOUS! She watched the torso fly into the air and hit the floor hard. Tears would flow down her face as she would slowly fall to her knees. Shila would slowly start to cradle him. "T-T-Thomas... Wake up. I know you can..." Shila would shake him to try to wake him up. "Stop pretending... Why? Why would you put me through hell again?! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SAY GOODBYE! GOD DAMN IT!" She would grab her head and her face. Furious. Disturbed. Lost. She had snapped officially. No hallucinations are needed.
Painful... Godless... How fucking dare you take him from me.
She would grit her teeth as she would have reached into her costume to grab a bag and toss it to the floor. Many syringes would fall out. She would quickly take the nearly filled syringes and fully fill them with Reid's blood. NEFARIOUS! would stare in awe as she would start to jab syringes in her neck with the blood-filled concoction. A lethal amount of liquid Choke right into her neck. One after another, blood down her throat as she continued to frantically inject the poisonous cocktail. So much that it filled her mouth and onto the floor. Once she was done? Shila would go into fetal positioning.
The voices were so violent. So vivid. Children danced in her vision. Blurred. Her body would twitch and jitter all over. Suddenly, she stopped. Shila then slowly stand up to reveal she would twist her head fully to see NEFARIOUS! Shila at the point would be nearly gripping Thomas's eyesockets and nose hole like a bowling ball. She carried the entire upper half of his fleshy skeletal remains. Her toothy grin went from ear to ear. Her eyeballs would be bloodshot red.
Her voice echo'd in NEFARIOUS'S! head. "L E A V E." He would slowly make his way out as he would shrug. Don't need to tell him twice.
It rang in her mind. Death. Death. Death. Death.
I am the truth. I am Death. Now my love. The night is still young isn't that right? Let us remake lost time.
Shila's neck would go back to normal as she would drag his torso with her home.
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Cynbel Ferode
god i wish i was dr. reid
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You just want a strong sheep boy to cleave you in half! I'm watchin' you.
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polo fastter
Oh boy, I sure hope no one evil enters the shop.
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