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Knight Wolf
by on January 23, 2023
Talon had now become part of the group, he was a welcome addition especially since Knight and Devine still had trouble talking to each other like they used to, they really needed to talk things out but it just never seemed to be the right time. As they traveled Knight would train Talon in weapons and combat as well as teach him science and a few other things that he thinks he could master.
"So, not to pry, but we have been traveling together a few weeks now, are you two like dating or something" Talon asks as they walk through the woods which causes the other two to stop
"We um.. we..." Devine starts to say as she looks at Knight who only looks away, he cannot deny that he feels something for her, but the last time he fell in love things ended painfully, he lost everything because of it.
"No.. we are not," she then says when he wouldnt look at her, it hurt for him to turn away from her, perhaps it was the heat of the moment that had made him confess to her? She hopes that isnt the case but for now.. they should probably avoid the topic.
"Talon, since you like being blunt and inconsiderate, why dont you tell us what happened to you and why we found you in the middle of no where stealing from bug bears," Knight says changing the subject.
Talon stops walking and turns to them, he had grown pretty fit in the past few weeks, eating proper meals and Knights training really started to show on him, "I.. I was sold into slavery back when the Storm King was in power, I spent my childhood in chains but one day the Storm King was defeated, his kingdom fell to ruin and the slaves used the opportunity to escape, unfortunately the Storm Kings guards were ordered to kill us if we tried to escape, and they did just that, not many of us made it out, I only did because I had someone looking out for me.. she gave her life for me to escape, ever since then I have just been struggling to survive," he says
Devine looks at him in shock, she walks up to him and puts a hoof on his shoulder, "You have done well to survive so far," she says smiling at him
Talon returns her smile but he hides his true feelings, "Thanks," he says and she hugs him before continuing on the road, Knight however just stares at him, Talon looks back and he feels as if Knight is studying him, he can never tell what the wolf is thinking.
'Lets continue, we have quite a distance before we reach the next city," Knight says as he follows Devine.
As they set up camp he and Devine would talk to each other in small quick words just to get things done, like setting up the tent and gathering firewood, it all felt so forced and it was hard to watch, especially for Talon.
As Knight left to hunt for food Talon went to Devine who sat next to the fire, "You two are pathetic," he says and she glares at him, "Excuse me?" she says
"Something happened, there is no way you two have been traveling this long if this is how you act around each other, its so painful to watch," he says and she sighs
"I guess we have become so obvious?" she asks and he just stares at her
"Ill take that as a yes," she says as she crosses her arms, "Its just... I cant believe I'm telling you but I suppose talking about it might help... a few days ago.. we confessed out feelings to each other, but... he is hiding something, I have brought it up a few times but he keeps pushing it away, I just dont know what to do really," she says and Talon nods at this.
"Hmm, maybe a bad relationship in the past?" he says to himself, "Something is holding him back, I dont think he is going to come forward , so why dont you?" he asks and she tilts her head, "What do you mean?" she asks
"You go forward, force him to face you, I think you might get more results that way," he says shrugging
"Forward?" she says softly, she then thinks back to the first day they met, she was very forward with him, recently she has been holding herself back, "I see," she says smiling as she starts to think of something, perhaps he is right, she has been acting timidly, its time to move forward
Later that night when the moon was highest in the sky, Knight left the two and went to a nearby pond where he walked into and started to wash himself, after a few minutes he simply sat in the water and meditated. It was moments later when he heard a step behind him only to see Devine standing there, her bright blue eyes stared into his as the moon glittered the water around them
She starts stepping into the water and walks up to him and without saying a word she wraps her arms around his neck and starts kissing him, Knight doesnt try to stop her, her brings her in closer, the moon shines brightly over them as the night continues on.
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