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by on February 12, 2023
Hello, This is Thomas Reid of the childrens ward. I will be discussing an oddity. The Glutton. The Gluttonous Eater is a unique mutant that isn't made by anything alive. In fact, the creature in question is made up of the corpses of livestock. Pig, cow, and sometimes chickens. The idea was coined by me in an attempt to lessen the loss of children.
The point of using them is attempt to use cadavers or animal bodies to out advantage. Mayhaps the mystetious substance that is Choke can bring life to the dead. An inconceivable notion on many levels but leave no stone unturned.
There are benefits and downsides to making this beast. It is easy and cheap to construct. It consists of all the meat and organs wrapped in a tiny net. Then hung up. The netted meat is injected three times from the sides and then under.
After an hour, the bag of meat will expand and eventually grow legs. The legs copy that of the animal with the most meat. This phenomenon also affects the body size. After a week, the odd bag of meat with legs grow to an enormous size
At this point the meat turns into a giant. It grew skin and replaced its own net to have a film of blood where the net once was. The Glutton grows skin of various kinds. Feathers, brown fur, and hairy pink skin. Then it will grow an off number of noses.
The subject does not grow arms but instead grows a giant rib cage. Even heads included, they fall of in replacement of a hole with teeth. The whole body from head to groon has a line that is similar to previously documented mutants.
When hungry, the creature will roam and smack its nub in va4ious places tilk it can eat. This creature cannot starve so ut sinply eats for delicacy. The middle slit opens to reveal the inside: A spikey toothy inards that can swallo people whole. Stipulatuon? It's very slow. So slow it can be considered harmless
However, note this, stay at least 5 meters from the can and will snatch you. In which, it is impossible. Your skin and flesh get pounded inside as if to eat. The spat out once completed its dish by turn you entirely into a clean skeleton.
It cannot talk, listen, or learn. It is entirely unique but scary nonetheless.
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