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Amy Callihan
by on November 11, 2023
Amy would be perusing the web when she saw that a local orphanage was being harassed by who allegedly claims to be the "Doll Master". A squad car has been there each day to monitor the children's well being. Amy would huff and grit her teeth. "Not again. You fucking bastard." She would break her phone from slamming it down on the table.
Amy would put on her Doll Maker costume. She would rip her eye patch off her mask. She then reach for her knife and pistol... She would grab the knife but decided to skip the small revolver for the heavy duty. A .500 Magnum round in a large revolver. 6 round cylinder. Perfect for monster hunting, protection, and blowing the limbs off your enemies.
Amy would be ready. She would take a deep breath before going out to walk the street. Eventually, reaching the orphanage in question. It was very dark inside. No light. Two cops and both equines. Amy would have turned and walked if she didn't hear a childs cry.  She looked closer as one of the cops would laugh and go to the door. He opened it to complete darkness. A child diamond dog. All black pooch with a scar under his eye as if he was slashed by a knife at some point. Legs could be seen as blood dripped. The officer clearly didn't see it as what seemed like a small sword would pierce through the cops chest.
Amy would have had her eyes wide as the cop would have recoiled but it was too late. He was already gone. Amy would open her right eye to make the cop suddenly duck a swing after being frozen. Amy closed her eye and pulled out her gun to blast a hole in the guys chest. She would put it away as the kid ran beside the cop. 
Amy would have taken her mask off as she ran in. The cop would have warned her to stop because of danger. Yet Amy charged in with her knife to stab the guy in his... Undamaged chest. She knew he was shot so...?  This guy's costume is made out of naked doll parts. She panicked a little as she would continuously stab him. 
The guy only responded with light movement. He held his sword high and would swing at her with a slow but powerful swing. His wounds were healing before her eyes. Amy would shake her head. "How about you die now." She aimed the gun at his head and he simply held up his sword to block it with incredible strength. Amy laughed and squinted. "I guess I know your weakness now!" She would laugh.
The Doll man would look down slightly as suddenly he was launched in an incredible speed. Wildly swiping around him. Breaking the environment around him and eventually coming close enough to pin her to the wall. She would grunt as he did and would shoot his wrist off his body. The Doll knocked the gun out of her hand. He was about to kill her but by sheer luck, the little boy would have went at the entrance with the cop who was trying to stop him.
The little pup had screamed at the top his lungs. A deathly wail that would send anyone. The Doll looked at the boy as Amy would have taken the sword and hit his neck. She didn't quite lob his head but simply broke his neck. Amy didn't give up though. She would go in for another one handed swing.
The Doll would block his neck as it healed. Amy would have pushed and pushed. "Bare witness... To fear." She would open her evil eye. The deep red and green would nearly glow in the dark. The veins moves as if worms would have invaded her head. The Doll grunted and touched his face with his free hand. Blood running down his masked face. The Doll's breathe accelerated as he would repeatedly use his free hand to punch her stomach. In which she nearly threw up from but it took her breath away. 
"Out of the way! " Amy would close her eyes as she moved and the cop would unload into his back. He barely reacted and looked back at him with blood down his mask. The Doll would touch his face and Amy looked at her hand. She would huff and shake his head. Amy looked at all the bodies and blood. Her hands would shake a little and the cop looked in disbelief. He would soon call for backup. Amy looked at the cop and said. "Grab my gun and shoot this asshole." 
The kid would have been cowering outside after the gun shots. For the best, Amy tossed the sword away as she grabbed her knife. "Better." Amy would reach her knife pointed toward the oddball. "Now... I'm getting real tired of your shit." She would open her eye to use on him again as he would put his hands on his face. This time, the pain was intense that the guy tried to rip his mask. The mask being attached to his face. He would start to run away as the cop shot his chest as the guy got away. 
Blood came out Amy's mouth. "Ouch." She flipped to the floor. The cop coming to her and saying. "You okay! Speak to me!" Amy looked over at him as she said. "What's it look like, detective dickhead." The cop would give a pained look as he would call for ambulance. The kid running in and meeting them. The little guy would have been sobbing as he flipped on Amy. 
Amy would make a grunt as he did. The three year old would say. "Momma. I knew you come for me.q Scared..." Amy would use her uninjured hand and put it on his back. She smiled at him and said. "Don't worry. Momma's got ya. I'll never let go." 
Eventually, she would have been at the hospital all day yesterday. In the upcoming weeks, she would be filing for adoption papers.
She would rename him. Louis (Loo-is) Shulziker. She called him by his nickname: Lewie. She named him after the thing that may have saved her. A loud scream.
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