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King Artemis
by on February 24, 2022
"It is not a matter of discussion at the moment, Nightmare. It's not a discussion I'm willing to have in general. What you speak of? The power? The Limitless abilities we could gain? That'll only lead to targets. Targets placed on our backs. Our Kingdom's back. That is something I'm not willing to put into debate. It isn't an option I see taking place. My Future? Our Future? Isn't set in stone just yet. Hasn't been formed yet. Jumping into the area of threat will only make us the threat. We aren't nor will we ever be a threat."
"So what? All this exploration of a rich Dark World of Arcane. All this effort and resources put into finding ancient, powerful Artifacts. All this claim of improving a Kingdom for centuries to come. All that, and you aren't even willing to take chances? Chances that make us powerful. Unstoppable. Feared."
"I've been feared once before, Nightmare. Me and you both. And it cost us a wife and a daughter. I am not so willing to throw away my second chance at a family just to be feared once more. This Kingdom? This land? It will be of peace, not Tyranny."
"Well whose to decide as to what is Tyranny or not? Is it Tyranny to want to protect your Kingdom from outside forces? Is it Tyranny to want to do anything, everything to keep the ones you love safe? Is it Tyranny to gain power in order to protect. Wake up, Artemis. Look at all the Kingdoms surrounding us. Look at all these new.....creatures coming into our world! All these... individuals. These parasites. Thinking they can drag you, your family, us into their problems. That so-called King in the Desert. That ally of ours that seems to be bringing his problems into this very Castle. Even his Spirit, one that I care for, is causing problems. Our Alley's Daughter, one that has connection with a ministry has a skewed view for peace. This....Stickman and their gang of 'heroes' seeming to show up simply for the fun of it. No doubt bringing in more troubles for us to solve! That Doctor that you allowed to come and go as she pleases! Think that won't cause trouble?"
"They aren't problem, Nightmare."
"Not yet, but they'll end up becoming it sooner or later. They'll stay in their lanes, sure. But when the dust is settled? They'll cause more trouble for us. And a King like yourself? You got to start taking things more serious. Your crown is your Kingdom. You and Lesa both need to get serious. Artifact hunting, gaining allies. All well in good. But if you both aren't willing to use them? To use the Dark World's power? It's nothing but a pipe dream to see this Kingdom grow. King Astral would agree."
"WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE!!! Your Brother had already made the mistake in not doing things your Father's way. He should've killed us both. It was the clear answer. The clear choice. The RIGHT choice. WE were a threat. We were the cause of many problems. And what did he do? He was merciful. Merciful where it shouldn't have mattered. What mattered was the Kingdom. The Future. You both were the future. One of you threatened it. The other? Should've dealt with the threat. But.....mercy had to be played it seems. Think of all that happened after his choice to not end us. A Kingdom solely relying on a Prince. A thousand years with just a Prince. Royal pull, but not enough to change things. Noble houses rising to power, spreading their filth into the lands. Crime rate staying at steady pace because of Council decisions. Councils that didn't exist with Kings and Queens. I'm by no means a saying in what is good or bad. But I sure as hell know that the Kingdom had become sick. If it wasn't as sick as we think? When why need the Elements in the first place? You see...You have already made a wise decision. Your Brother wasn't fit to be a ruler anymore. He wasn't a threat, but he could've turned into one. We are unaware of how long that coma would've lasted. OR....if he would've been in his right mind. Action needed to be taken. And you took it. Your Reward? King with a Queen."
"...That's not a fair analogy. You speak as if I made the decision out of choice. I had no choice. My Brother was ill and the Kingdom was threatening to learn of it. Become more ill. I....I had to take his place."
"We always have a choice, Artemis. You could've took his place, but you do much more then that, right? After aren't a Prince. You are a King. You MADE the decision to become King. And it was the right decision. Popular? By no means. But, sometimes that seems unpopular is correct. Gaining power? Gaining control? Gaining protection? That may seem unpopular. But....perhaps it's the right decision. Think of all we could do. You, me, Lesa, and Hope. Think of how much we could do if we all got more powerful. These other world individuals? Obsilion? His Daughter? Their enemies? their foes? The Ministry? They wouldn't be able to land a hoof on us. And not that they would. For you see...we aren't getting powerful in order to take over. We are getting protect...."
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