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Asuka Yakushi
by on November 20, 2023
7:47 PM, The Rogue's Gallery, Canterlot.
As a wise man once said "Pirates are in this year!" Which appears to be what the owners of the venue for tonight's show thought when they built the place. Tucked away in a small plaza in Canterlot's entertainment district, the place would be hard to miss, if it weren't for the giant ship mast flying a jolly roger poking out above the surrounding buildings.
The building itself had all sorts of pirate theming, complete with 3 venues for varying levels of family freindlyness. There was the venue which Attack on Mango was playing at tonight, called "The Deck". From what Asuka saw from their runthrough earlier, The Deck is the largest venue of the club. It features walls painted to look like the ocean, with wooden floorboards presumably over actual concrete, and actual grog at the bar. She hasn't seen the other two venues, but she's been told they're themed after the lower decks, and brig.
At the moment, the flow of people into the venue is just now slowing. A member of the venue's staff is running a merch stand near the back of the venue, and the bar is already serving patrons. Nar pokes his head out from the backstage area to observe the crowd. There are SIGNIFICANTLY more people here than he'd originally thought there would be.
"So." Nar turns back to his bandmates, clasping his hands together. "It's a full house, and there are still people coming in." While Nar seems surprised, Asuka shows now reaction. "Dude. We're the number 8 band in Equestria. Of course our shows are going to sell out." Before the conversation can continue, a long unicorn walks past the band towards the entrance to the stage. They all wish him luck.
If they were being honest, none of them had ever heard of the opening act. Apparently, people in Canterlot's underground music scene called him "The One Man Orchestra", but they couldn't find anything on him when they looked him up. So they were just as eager to hear him, as most of the crowd was to hear them.
Well, he certainly didn't disappoint. After taking a moment to get things on the stage the way he liked, the unicorn materialized 4 violins using his magic. The crowd suddenly got very quiet, and a back track began to play as he began to play all 4 violins at once.
For the next 30 minutes, this one man orchestra plays the most intense violin music Asuka has ever heard. Holy hell! How was this guy not making music for movies?! The act flies by, and before Asuka even realizes it, he's walking backstage. She only notices after Nar stops him. "Dude! You killed it out there! Where can we find your music? I'm gonna be playing your stuff in the van for the rest of our tour!" The unicorn is flattered, but explains that his music isn't online. However, he could drop their hotel tomorrow, and give them a CD. Both Nar, and Juno excitedly agree, and the unicorn leaves, visibly giddy.
Then, Nar turns to his bandmates.
"Alright guys. We're on in 5. You guys ready for this?"
The only responses he gets are nods.
Nar then sticks out his right arm. The other two do the same, placing theirs atop his. The three all share looks with each other. A grin forming on each of their faces.
"Let's do this!"
Hands are thrown into the air, as the band cheers in unison.
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