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by on November 20, 2023
8:25 PM, Rouge's Gallery, Canterlot It's been about 10 minutes since the opening act finished, and yet, there was still no sign of the main act. Confusion spreads among the crowd as people begin to wonder where the band they came here to see is. Venue staff have been going on, and off stage for a while now, probably doing some last minute checks, but still no band. At some point, the lights dim to the point where you could hardly see what was on the stage. For a moment, excitement rises, and c...
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by on November 20, 2023
7:47 PM, The Rogue's Gallery, Canterlot. As a wise man once said "Pirates are in this year!" Which appears to be what the owners of the venue for tonight's show thought when they built the place. Tucked away in a small plaza in Canterlot's entertainment district, the place would be hard to miss, if it weren't for the giant ship mast flying a jolly roger poking out above the surrounding buildings. The building itself had all sorts of pirate theming, complete with 3 venues for varying leve...
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