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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on March 16, 2022
And yet we have another info friendship letter, this time about the weapons Stickman has or had, depending on the weapon, and in the order they were obtained. With every new weapon Stickman was eligible to get, Stickman had to travel to Master's Peak to take a test overseed by his teacher, Grandmaster Sticksei, to see if he was actually worthy to wield said weapon. Let's dive in, shall we?
The Pencil Sword: The one, the only, you'd better believe it, the sword of legend. Made to look like a pencil, this sword is made from imaginatite, the rarest ore not found just anywhere in the Cartoon Universe. It was forged under Master's Peak, where a special anvil lay. It was on this anvil most of the other weapons were forged too.
The Phantom S Keyblade: Stickman's keyblade. He uses this in case the Pencil Sword isn't available to him. However, there is a second function to this keyblade. Notice the title of this keyblade? If you guessed secondary form, you get a cookie! This keyblade allows access to his Rhythm Thief form, Phantom S. But don't tell the villains that Stickman is actually Phantom S! It's a secret...
The Marker Dagger: Made for stealth, this dagger once had the ability to turn the user invisible at will. The dagger's appearance was that of a marker, surprisingly, but it was pretty lethal. Had some poisons to go with it too!
The Glue Shooter: One of Stickman's ranged weapons, this one has the appearance of an arm cannon, despite the name of the weapon. This one is based off a glue gun, and has many different types of bullets in it, including glue!
The Legendary Bow: Not particularly an art weapon, but nonetheless one, The Legendary Bow takes on the appearance of the Boogie Bow from Runescape's 200m account celebration. It has the USF's colorings, which is Blue and Yellow. This bow can fire all sorts of arrows and never seems to run out of them. Much like the Nataruk from Warframe!
The Scissor Claws: Basically the normal version of Stickman's Unleashed Form claws, these claws are sharp and are ready to kill. Better not get in the way of it's swipes!
The Telekinetic Marbles: Revolving around Stickman's hand, Stickman could use these marbles to fight off his opponents from a distance with grace and skill. Another one of Stickman's ranged weapons, but this one isn't in the reboot.
The Flip Cards: Magical cards that basically are unending. These cards have a razor-sharp edge to them and were allowed to be thrown from a distance.
The Iron Whip: Basically what the title says. It's a whip made of flexible Iron. Another one of Stickman's ranged tools, but this one isn't in the reboot as well.
The Clay Busters: Based off of Garnet's gauntlets from Steven Universe, the Clay Busters are a set of hardened Clay fist gauntlets. These gauntlets have a special move called Rocket Punch, which is the most powerful special attack out of any of his art weapon arsenal. The punch is so powerful, it can bring down an entire long wall. He can also equip a set of feet weapons called the Clay Kickers and use them in tandem with the Busters for maximum damage. It's one of his signature weapons.
As more weapons become available to Stickman, this friendship letter will get updated.
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Whoopsie! Forgot a signature weapon.