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Knight Wolf
by on March 31, 2019
Joshua continues destroying den after den asking for the location of the fortress of shadows to make sure that he is not being misled. His actions have not been ignored, from high up in the vampire society his presence has left its mark. He has also been hailed a hero in the human society for killing so many vampires, but what they don't understand is that Joshua is merciless, should he find any humans in the dens, whether they became prisoners or were helping his enemies, he killed them all.
Joshua knew the vampires were beginning to fear him, he attacked them and they ran, he was clearing the continent from one side to the other, but he was naive, he who lived as an animal forgot one thing when chasing prey, if it gets desperate enough, it will attack back because it will have nothing to lose.
One day while Joshua was out hunting with his alphas to feed his pack he heard a howl of distress, he recognizes it to be one of his sentries at the cave they are currently occupying, he stands and sniffs the air, "Vampires, many, we must return at once, make haste alphas," he says running back ahead of his pack.
As he nears the den he can smell blood, not of his enemies, but of his followers, he sees the entrance to the cave and dead in front are his two sentries, pups that had just reached adulthood and were given their first assignment. He can see blood on their claws and teeth, they must have fought valiantly but his ire grows, inside he can hear the roar of battle.
Two vampires intercept him as he runs in, they are armored and their skills are impressive, they are able to hold him off for a few seconds before being slain.
He runs deeper and the smell of blood increases, he dispatches three more vampire guards and enters the clearing.
His eyes widen at the scene before him, most of his pack has been killed, many who have become his only friends and family are slain on the floor, pieces of their bodies lay scattered on their home floor, and he sees in the back, what once was thousands of wolves down to a mere hundred, all focusing on one task, protecting the pups from an army of less than two hundred armed vampires.
His mind cannot comprehend what he sees, his pack has slaughtered dens with thousands of vampires but here these two hundred has bested them, then he remembers the greek vampire and his  warnings of the First's army.
Just as his alphas arrive and see the seen and growl in rage bringing Joshua back to the scene, he sees one of the vampires jump over the guards into the puppies and instantly dispatches three of his young pups.
Joshua roars in anger, the vampires now notice him only to see a now transformed beast falling unto them quickly killing the first five he can reach, his alphas also charge in, one hundred of his own elite trained warriors descend upon their enemies, but even they struggle with the enemies. Joshua rips and shreds through the monsters, they stab at him and use all sorts of ranged weaponry but they have yet to find what hurts him. The smell of his own fills his nostrils and enrages him more, each head he removes from a torso reveals a large scene of his dead friends, each time he looked at another armed warrior he sees bodies of his pack surrounding him.
The battle rages through the night, forty of his alphas have been slain, almost the rest of his pack is gone and only 30 pups remain alive.
Joshua looks about the field, he walks slowly around the the bodies of his family, he sees one of his alphas down that still breathes, and he rushes to him. He recognizes his scent, he was a primum defensorem a name he gave to those of a specific bloodline , this is a descendant of one of the first wolves that joined his pack when he transformed, they were the most loyal of the pack and were his closest friends and this one was Reiner, his closest friend. Reiner took in gasps of air unable to move, his body torn and broken, he looks Joshua in the eyes then to the wall, Joshua follows his eyes and sees from a small hole in the wall his own pups newly born tripping as they stumbled over each other, he then looks at Reiner, his eyes look desperate, fierce and pleading.
"I promise you old friend, your kin shall live long and old," he tells Riener as his eyes fade out and begin to close, his gasps stop and lays motionless.
The remaining wolves howl into the night, a melody of sorrow and grief, Joshua clutches Reiner to his chest, tears overflowing and grief filling his soul, he roars into the night a roar so loud and angry that the vampires in the fortress so far away seem to catch a whisper of it.
In the cave as Joshua holds his dear friend and the moon shines above them through a hole in the ceiling, his red eyes glow, they first take his sister, now they take his pack..
he will have revenge.
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