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Ebon Heart

Born on September 12, 1994
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode in his car shaped balloon and parked it besides them. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Scarlet Gleam
Happy Birthday!!! Bit...of a shame, I couldn’t find your birthday cake anywhere! *She says with frosting all over her face.*
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Don’t worry I bought a spare *he brings out a giant cake taller than most pony’s*
Ebon Heart
Wait, holy crap, it ACTUALLY told you when my birthday was didn't it?)) *Ebon Heart simply blinks at the ponies who some how knew when his birthday was, then again as he looks up at the huge cake in front of him. He moves aside from the door to let them in. He says quietly* "Apologies for the mess,...View More
Scarlet Gleam
“Oh, it’s fine don’t worry!” *Scarlet said extremely embarrassed. Although she shouldn’t, that cake looked amazing and she desperately wanted to eat it. So she stared at it mouth watering.*
“*ahem* Scarlet... usually the birthday cake is for the birthday pony first” UpStage said to Scarlet underneath his breath
Scarlet Gleam
“Yeah looks sooo goood!! And I didn’t eat breakfast this morning!” *she whispered quietly*
“But on the way here I asked if you wanted anything from the market and you didn’t say anything” *he also whispered*
Ebon Heart
*Heart's ears, clearly picking up everything they were saying, ignored them and led them into a modest kitchen. pointing to a corner, saying* "You can put the cake there I suppose. Have a seat, you came all this way after all."
nyx /past sins/ and pina colada
the pegasus from before was hummming softly sneakly stealing bits from another mares purse giggleing softly looks around shiftlyiy
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Ebon Heart Hey guys, figured someone would get a kick out of this! xD))
Ebon Heart
Hey guys, I wrote a story and posted it on FiMfiction and wanted to know what people thought. Keep in mind, I wrote this in a mo...View More
Ebon Heart
*Ebon Heart would walk through the gates, ready to begin a life in the corps. He would quietly look to where the other recruits were lining up and would go there*
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Angel Wingate heart
one of their instructors and a really impressive looking white pony standing next to him was looking over the new recruits talking
Ebon Heart
*He stands in line next to them, having been listening on the way over to what the instructors were saying due to his sensitive ears*
Ebon Heart
*Ebon is coming back into town from the Everfree, a few bandages were adorning his torso and left foreleg. Thankfully there wasn't much blood though. He seems fixated on going forward though. If there...View More
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