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Hello, welcome to a RP group I made for purpose of beigg able to RP in an entirely new world. The information of the world can be downloaded/found here: The file gets updated every so oftern and will be posted when it updates.
Ambient Waves
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A place for Adventurers, Nomads, Explorers, and general wandering folk to mingle, roleplay, tell stories of their travels and maybe find someone to have an adventure with! Rules - - Be nice (duh) - No Spam - This is a Roleplay/ Roleplay Planning/ Mingling group ONLY - Romance is allowed, but remember, that's not what this group is strictly for.
Blazing Cloud
Development for Into the Badlands
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This is a group looking for editors, writers, advice givers, artist, song artist, and anything else we can think of to help a book, and help promote a book this group is mainly helping and supporting the development and progress of Shattered memories, so if you come and see this group don't be scared to join and see how you can help, we're always open to lore friendly ideas, just remember don't shitpost, or come to this group to harass or target any members and or admin/mods in this group and last rule please just have fun, we love Fallout Equestria and do not wish for it to be stunned, made fun of, or meme'd. Thank you.
Baron Redpath
Fallout Equestria book fanclub.
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This group is about members discussing and making art, animations, side stories, or getting a chance to chatting with the author or working with them. This group is very fun and hopefully, everypony doesn't fight, or spam. You can also discuss other FoE books, animations, etc if you wish to. Just remember don't fight :)
Alexis Chernisky
Andrew Marston
everfree forest
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welcome all who live and breath for the evrevfree. this is just a place for us wild childs to rp a bit,
Clover Spell
The Aokoi Hive
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Aokoi are supspecies of Changelings that originate from the Chrysalis Hive, but has evolved into its own Hive. Being in the Ocean with a single dejected Queen, they evolved from the standard set of Changelings and after hundreds of years, they are what they are today. These particular subspecies are approximately the same size as the standard drones and Queens. Aokoi have grey chitin with multiple blotches [color depends on caste] all over their body and diamond pupiled eyes. Before maturity, they have dark grey irises, but these fill in with their respective colors as they age. The has been shown with the Royal Family. Aokoi tears are also the color of their features, but in a more diluted fashion. They also have filled in holes, a more fly-fish esque set of wings, blue-green to cerulean blood color, and hair color dependant on their blood color. Their most noticeable features are the girls sprouting from their necks in sets of two, commonly color the same as their blood. Young Aokoi have tend to have Neighponese-esque names, while older trolls tend to acquire adult names or titles, typically this comes with royalty although. The Title of Empress is often passed onto the oldest daughter of the Royal Family and will continue her mothers works, being a matriarchal society.  Each Aokoi has a sign usually depicted on their body similar to a cutie mark which is carved in from from an alphabet for each caste. Should mutation place a Aokoi outside the caste system they will usually lack a sign and will be relegated into the breeding chambers, as lower caste Broodmothers/Fathers. Certain crimes could warrant stripping a Aokoi of their sign as part of the punishment as well as execution.