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Tanoshikunai Era Equestria
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[THE STORY SO FAR] The year is 2150 CE. 50 years ago the traditional monarchy of Equestria was replaced by a council of 10. This council has slowly been outlawing many forms of entertainment, claiming that leisure is the leading cause of crime within Equestria. Over the course of the next 50 years the council has been able to completely outlaw all forms of leisure and entertainment unopposed as their Tanoshikunai Police Group ruthlessly and efficiently punished any and all Equestrians who broke their new laws. Despite their best efforts the Equestrians were unable to depose the council and as a result have been forced to live leisure-less lives. Because of this, multiple resistance groups have risen within Equestria. The two most recent, and only two surviving groups being the Kofun Resistance Group, and the Taino Resistance Group. Though others may soon rise to oppose the council and it's puppet police group. "Having fun leads to idleness. Idleness leads to irresponsibility. Irresponsibility leads to carelessness. Carelessness leads to anarchy and anarchy leads to THE END OF THE WORLD! Any act, possession or behavior encouraging entertainment, and thus THE END OF THE WORLD, must be condemned!"- Council Member Ashuni Taiko NOTE: If two or more users of opposing factions are involved in an event where they must make opposing actions the outcome will be determined based on actions taken, and when they are taken. Nar will inform you of the outcomes of your actions after all participants have taken their action. Keep in mind, we're all here to have fun. Please read up on the blog posts attached to this group for additional information. Once you've posted a character sheet into the character blog you're good to go.
Captain Sky N Nova
Nar Kazunah
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Welcome to The Deep Abyss Spa, This spa is located on the outskirts of White tail Woods near Ponyville. The spa currently is half underconstruction, though lucky for you the spas, sauna and massage rooms are done! ((Description place holder))
Ambient Waves
The Castle
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The Royal Castle of Canterlot. Quite a lot goes down within the castle everyday it seems. Wether it's new recruits or the workers just driving each other crazy. Let's Rp about that. This place is designed to aide the ponies that work for Artemis Rp wise and have them all come together in one spot. However, it's a place for strangers to come and visit the Princes or Sign up to work with them! Rules: Be sure to stick by site rules when deciding on a post. Be sure if joining an Rp in progress to kinda stick to what the Rp is already doing. That way it doesn't throw everybody else off of what they are trying to do. Be a decent human being. Rudeness is kinda off putting. All posts must consist within the Castle. It can be anywhere in the Castle. Kitchen, guard barracks, throne room, garden, front entrance, and the list goes on.
Adrian Coalhopper
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Do you want to protect equestria from the shadows, have your own team, see the world and go on adventures as part of your job then this is the place for you. if you choose to become part of the secret service then you will be supplied with all the equipment necessary as well as any other things you may require. To get in you must pass a fitness, threat perception and mental exam. once you have passed these exams you will then go on two month training course after which you will be placed on probation for a month to see whether you work alone or as part of team. Its time to make your choice, do you join or dont you (this line of work is not for the faint hearted or squeamish) Good Luck!
Garfield Fan Club
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This is the only OFFICAL Garfield fan club on Canterlot Avenue. All others are imposters and should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Rules: 1. You must be a fan of Garfield. 2. You are not permitted to criticize Garfield or Jim Davis. 3. Fuck Nermal that stuck up little bitch.
Adrian Coalhopper