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The Ponyville Arcade
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The Ponyville Arcade is the place where ponies come together and talk about all kinds of video games. Pleas come join us for some fun and spread the word about video games.
Sean Silvermane
Tails of Equestria
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This is a group of ponies and other creatures who wish to partake in a Tails of Equestria inspired style of roleplaying. Any and all welcome! Character sheet will be provided you can play as your sona or OC or anything you wish.
Windy Runner
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Mythic hearts is a role play group. Mythic hearts follow the story of 8 new ponies, or are on a journey to defeat an evil grimm pony from the underground. Mythic Hearts is an alernate universe of generation 5 of mlp but with realms/OCs connected to animal jam, feral, undertale, warrior cats, steven universe and rwby. but in pony form! Rules: There will only be the main 8 ponies. There will only be 10 villains. there isn't a limit on supporting characters, such as family member, co-workers and other friends. Main Cast members: Maya Flares(Kitsugon/Dragon Kitsune pony) Gladys Cloudstroke(Gryphon/Bluejay Variant) Shu Typho(Dragon Pony) Perrsephone Goldstring(Cat pony) Eclipse Wolfclaw(Yokai Pony) Thrash Snowhoof(Deer Pony) Dusklight Galaxy(Earth Pony
Symphony Sweets
Dusklight Galaxy