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The Pizza party
5 members Food
An party involving Pizza and other crap, i mean come on its an pizza party :D
Prince Carey
Buginese - The Changeling Language
2 members Food
Why not make a group on here for those interested? Primitive and hissy. Considering that all changelings are able to speak Ponish/English it is pretty much obsolete. Changelings still use it among their own kind, though. This made up language is very early in development, not supposed to be amazingly well done, efficient or serve another purpose than fun. It is not really called Buginese. That's what ponies called it. The actual name is Wexlhée, which means "Changeling speech" or "Changeling language". The language and its alphabet are inspired by the German language, English and Old/Middle English. There might be things from other languages in it. Words are inspired by all sort of things, typos, memes, ect.
Queen Chrysalis
Littchie Von Bleed
The Dragons den
4 members Food
Welcome to my pub, we only have one rule here in this pub. 1)Bring your own drink we don't serve alchol
Prince Carey
Deleted Account - Illegal Account
Starry Moon
The Changeling Hive
18 members Food
A Book of Changelings based group for changelings and everyone who loves the little, love-sucking creatures. What is "Book of Changelings"? This: Although the document is SFW, the website is NSFW, just a fair warning.
Queen Chrysalis
Crann Taca
curse carrier
The Changeling Empire
23 members Food
Ever wanted to find fellow members of your species? Tired of being all alone? Want to find love and/or conquer over species? Well, this group is for you, you changeling fiend you! You will find members of the Changeling race here, along with subspecies and other shapeshifters alike!