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Ugly Pones
7 members Photography
Group for all the not so beautiful pones to gather together and spend some friendly time ^^
Dank Pony Child
Equestria Girls Fans
7 members Photography
For fans of Equestria Girls! Come and join if you love characters like Sunset Shimmer, the Dazzlings, the Shadowbolts, Juniper Montage, Principal Celestia or VP Luna!
Brandon The Unicorn
Distant Shores
124 members Photography
I would like to address those who consider themselves an artist in some way. Whether that be traditional drawing, digital, music producing, photography and so on. Join up as a means to post commission sheets, latest projects, designs and/or anything you want to share entailing your work. You can create your own art album if you wish, or contribute to an existing one. Get yourself out there. Or chat amongst other artists for opinions, advice, or gossip. What ever tickles your fancy.  If you're not one of those that views themselves as an artist, don't worry. It's all good to chat with artists here providing that they want you to. All we ask is that there's no hate. Come with open minds and before giving skeptical opinions, make sure the artists are asking for it.