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Once upon a time, a council of old farts, with the help of the mighty pillars of ego up their rumps, pissed off the wrong stallion. Said stallion responded by leveling their entire complex, and with it, the Ministry of Justice as an organization itself. What many didn't realize is that in the grand scheme of things, he was merely a catalyst, for the Ministry’s days were already numbered prior to the assault – with most of the essential members of the High Council going missing, which subsequently caused severe internal conflict within the ranks, and the controversies regarding the organization's relevance in today's society being brought up time and time again. If anything, this "untimely" death was nothing short of a blessing.
Now that backstories are dealth with, let’s move on to the main attraction shall we? Roll the drums
The Mythril Guild! This spiritual successor to the quasi-government organization is founded and lead by its hangmare, of all ponies. Unlike it's loosely based predecessor, the guild is a private organization, denying any affiliation and endorsement from the current government. Yet we aim to help it – indirectly - one contract at a time. However, this also means that we require our own source of bits to keep the guild up and running, and to keep ourselves fed. Despite the infamy that followed us from the Ministry, we have managed to reel in quite a few investors to help fund our numerous operations across Equestria.
Our services include but not limited to: risk assessment and management, cash-in-transit, bodyguarding, logistics, and assassina…err…strategic target neutralization.
Now hiring!