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"I have some special wine down in the cellar. A select vintage. Would you care to accompany me down to it for a taste?"
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Carmine Gumshoe
Carmen’s suspicious. “This feels like a trap.”
"A trap? Noo, no. Are you not a connoisseur of fine wines? This label is the rarest of them all..."
Yami Crosshide
sure why not i havent tasted wine since the Neolithic period
Yami Crosshide
so what we having
Of course, Montresor!
"I'm allergic to stairs."
Lazarus narrowed his eyes.
"They're always up to something, ya' know?"
Lazarus imagined pushing the unicorn down a flight of stairs. The mental image made him smile, and he nodded. "I get it."
Inigo would've been disturbed if he could read thoughts! Instead he looked over the griffon's shoulder. "Soo.. how many bodies are down there?"
He snapped out of his violent head space. "What? No. No bodies. Why would there be bodies? Just wine, and... Oh. You're talking about the skeletons. The catacombs are largely lined with the bones of over a million ancient, deceased equines from times long past. A macabre decoration choice but times ...View More
".....I don't know if i can have wine....?"
polo fastter
polo looked at him and said "oooh the good shit"
Ice Wisp
Gleam nodded.